07 July 2008

More Sweet Memories

Before Makayla's earlier nap, we were playing peek-a-boo. This game is hit or miss with our child. Some days she loves it and some days, she's all, really people? Well today was a hit day!

I throw her blankie over my face and then whip it back down so fast and she just laughed and laughed! Nice big belly laughs, too. They make me so very happy, my heart smiles.

Then, before her nap that she is taking this very moment, she was laying on her playmat on her back. I was just watching her and waiting for her to roll over to her belly (another of her favorite past times) and she started to get a little upset, but then calmed down. All the while me watching from the couch. Well she rolled over and she was on top of the plastic part that holds up the hangy thingys. {Technical term. You wouldn't understand.} So she was laying on her belly on top of that. Well, I have seen her scoot backwards before, so I figured she'd just do it again. And lo and behold, she did! It's a very slow process and she doesn't actually get on all fours to scoot backwards (I'm pretty sure her legs are weighing her down!), she does scoot, nonetheless! 

She just makes me so proud! I'm really excited for her to start crawling soon. It's gonna be one fun adventure! Then on to babyproofing, but I will not be bothering with that in this house, since we're moving out in less than a month.

Less than a month! I cannot believe it! I feel like I should be stressed out about it, but for some wonderful reason, I am very much at peace with it. I know that God will work all things out and He will give us the keys to our new house when He knows we need them. And we will get rid of all the things we need to get rid of.

Well, I'm exhausted, so I am going to lay my happy butt down and take a much needed and even more deserved nap-a-roo!!

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