12 July 2008

The ridiculousness of it all

Oh my gosh. I feel so stressed out right now. It's driving me bananas!!!

Makayla just woke up about 45 minutes ago. She was crying a little bit at first, so I went in and got her and she was still half asleep so I rocked her for a little bit and she fell back asleep sucking her thumb, so I put her down in her crib and then she woke up and was screaming! So I went in, gave her some teething tablets and tried rocking her. Well, she was having none of that!

So I had to nurse her back to sleep. It's getting really aggravating that that's the only way she'll go to bed now. I love the bond and the closeness of nursing, but I hate that she will not go to sleep any other way. During the day, she will sometimes fall asleep without the boob. But most of the time I end up giving it to her because it's been 3 hours since she's had a nap or whatever.

It's started to drive me crazy. I don't know what else to do for her. I so totally think she's teething and I really do want to comfort her, but I wish something else would soothe her, ya know? I mean, that means alllllll the burden is on me. She does take a bottle, but that doesn't do the trick. I'm so distraught.

And house stuff is always weighing on my mind. We have to figure out what carpet, what hardwood, what railing, what paint, etc., etc., etc. The list goes on.

And I won't be here for any of it. We have to pack up this house, too. We had a garage sale today and made a whopping $87.00. Yipee. I guess I should be happy we made any amount of money because we would have just given it all to Goodwill, so whatevs. We didn't even sell half our crap. Maybe we'll have another one next Saturday, who knows.

Oh yeah and I'm contemplating cloth diapers. I haven't done a whole lotta research yet, but it's just so much more environmentally friendly. But, I'm worried about how you clean them. How you close them (i.e. not those big a** pins.). Which ones, etc.

Any help in this department would be wonderful!!

Oh yes, thanks ladies for the advice on the slings, as well! I'm going to check out the websites, but I didn't have time today. I bought a Hot Slings at Target yesterday, but I wasn't such a fan, so I returned it today. I dunno. It just seemed like Makayla was really snug in there and she likes to strech her legs. I'm so torn. About everything.

Oh well. Advise me, oh wise ones.

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Britt said...

There are so many options for cloth diapers... it's ridiculous. I use mostly bumGenius 3.0s because they are one-size. They'll fit a newborn and they'll fit a 2 year old. They're really cool. It's kind of expensive starting out, but they obviously pay for themselves over time. A cheaper option is to use pre-folds and diaper covers. I would love to use those, but my kid is too squirmy to fold a diaper on. Boo! If you want some more info e-mail me and let me know. I can show you some good web sites to look at for ideas. fluentbrittish@gmail.com