11 July 2008

Baby sling

So, I really want to purchase a baby sling for my upcoming trip to Ohio. I really think it'll help with the plane ride and the breastfeeding discreetly, etc. I do have a nursing cover, but I won't be taking Makayla's car seat, so I figured a sling would be a great way to carry her around and not have horribly tired arms, what with all the bags I'll be carrying, too.

I have this sling...it's the Infantino one, but I'm not so sure about it. When Makayla was first born, we tried it out, but it seemed like her little head just flopped around and it wasn't very comfy for her. Since then, it's stayed in the closet. It was in the pile for tomorrow's garage sale, but I decided to give it a go again. I haven't put her in it yet today and since she's napping right now, I can't. 

But, I wanted your opinions. Do you have a favorite sling??? I do not want one with the rings or adjustable crap. That just seems REALLY unsafe to me and I'm already pretty paranoid about her falling out of it.

Anyway, give me advice, because I'm going to Target soon....

*Update: Tried the Infantino sling. And it sucks. She rolled right into a ball just like she did when she was a newborn. No wonder it's only 20 bucks. What a waste. But I won't be telling the person that buys it from me that.... :)


Becks said...

I want a new sling too. Even though Sophia is getting big I think I would still use it. I have a sling that I don't really like. It has an adjustable strap which freaks me out! I always end up holding on to the sling which makes the point of the sling pointless. (Did that sentence make sense?)

Anywho I have looked online recently and these ones look really good. Plus they have cool fabric. They are more pricey and I think you have to order online only. So I haven't ordered one yet. Plus my hubby would probably think I am just wasting money since I already have one. Ugh!!

Just thought I would share the site just in case....


Britt said...

I made my own pouch sling (like the ones here http://lucky-baby.com/p_home.asp). If you're interested, I can find the link for the instructions I used and e-mail them to you. Also there are some instructions on how to keep your baby safely positioned in a sling (http://www.thebabywearer.com/articles/HowTo/Positioning.pdf)