14 July 2008


So I have sooooo many questions about these cloth diapers! 

Do all inserts work in all diapers or do you have to buy FuzziBunz inserts for FuzziBunz diapers? And bumGenius, etc.? It's all so very confusing.

I don't think I could go the whole flat route with the pins or the Snappis and whatnot. That just seems like waaaaaay too much work and while I know that cloth diapers are much, much more work than disposable, I still think that it's cheaper to go the cloth diaper route. But I know I will need a very extensive amount because Lord knows I won't do laundry enough with only 12 diapers or whatever.

Is it really that much better for the environment? Because how 'bout all that water you're using to do sooooo many extra loads of laundry....

How long does it take for the diapers to dry if you don't dry them in the dryer?

Is it actually cheaper as well? What with all the water that was mentioned above...

And how about convenience? How hard is it to do cloth diapers on the go? How many cloth diapers do you take with you? 

Do you really have to buy special detergent for just the diapers? Can you wash the diapers with the rest of the baby clothes?

Do you have to touch the poop and pee that will be on the diapers?

What about wipes? Do you use regular wipes or reusable wipes (kinda like washcloths)?

Also, should I buy like one of each different type of diaper until I find one that I love or what? Oh my gosh. I'm so overwhelmed, yet so confused at the same time! I can't handle all this information! My brain is about to explode!!! 


Anonymous said...

Hi! I found your blog when I did a search for bumGenius. I thought I might help to answer some of your questions.

First - the inserts. Most inserts do work in most diapers. I use all of mine interchangeably and they work great!

If you would like to look at an environmental and cost comparison, see: http://www.simplewondersdiapers.com/diapers-101.htm#diapers101. In a nutshell, you will be gaining some significant savings financially as well as environmentally by using cloth.

Drying - they take longer to dry on a clothesline just like clothes take longer on a clothes line. The AIO's take longest to dry on a clothesline. I live in NC and it is very hot down here right now, so mine take ~5 hours to dry on a clothesline. It also depends a bit on where you live.

Cloth diapers really can be just as convenient as disposables. How many you take with you depends on how long you will be gone.

You will want to buy a detergent that does not build up on the diapers. My personal favorite is country save and it works great for the rest of your laundry too!

No, you don't need to touch the poop and pee on the diaper :)

Cloth wipes are fantastic! Not only for diapering, but for cleaning up messy faces, hands, etc.

I generally suggest getting a number of different brands to try out. It is hard to say which style you will fall in love with without trying it :)

Hope this helps a little. If you have more cloth diapering questions, you can see http://www.simplewondersdiapers.com and email me.

Britt said...

You can use any kind of insert in a pocket diaper. I've use prefolds in mine before, and you can double up for night time if you want.

Unfortunately, yes, you really do have to buy special detergent for the diapers, but if you have room in the washer, you can always throw in some towels or anything else that you don't mind washing with diapers. Whatever your comfortable with.

You'll have to touch pee and poo sometimes, but that happens with disposables, too. One awesome thing about bumGenius is that blow-outs rarely happen in them.

Maybe you should try buying just one bumGenius from Cottonbabies.com to start out. That's what I did because I didn't want to commit to anything. The manufacturer has a great return policy. If you aren't pleased with it, they'll take it back.

amanda said...

this is exactly why i didn't end up using the cloth diapers.

i suck.

but truly it just became too mind boggling for me. how sad is that?

although i am wishing you much luck on your adventure :)

Jessica said...

I use BumGenius and love them, they are super easy, even my Hubby doesn't mind them and they are one size fits all. And they actually are I have a big baby boy and they fit him great.

I use Charlie Soap for washing them and the rest of our laundry, it is great because it doesn't build up in the diapers and it is fragrance free. (www.charliesaop.com)

They are just as easy on the go as a disposable, I do recommend getting a good wet bag. I got mine from www.monkeyfootdesigns.com They are super cute and water proof, so no leaking :o)

And I do use reusable cloth wipes, what the heck I am already washing the diapers and it is easier than tossing out the wipes, especially when we are on the go. I use a water baking soda mixture, the baking soda is soothing and it neutralizes the urine.

Good Luck!