10 July 2008

Makayla Time!!

Here are some pictures from the last few days. Today we put her in adorable kiddie pool for the first time! She wasn't such a fan, but she'll get over that soon. I really want her to enjoy the water, since I never did as a kid. I'd love to take her to swimming lessons sometime in the near future.

Tonight I went out to dinner with  my friend, Sarah and as soon as I walked in the door, all I heard was Makayla screaming bloody murder. It was so sad! So anyway, teething tablets and Orajel have become my new best friends. We're likethis. 

So, that's what's happenin' around these parts. Getting geared up for the big move, even though I won't be here! I'm going home when my mom comes out here! I'm flying back to Ohio with her!! Yay!

It's gonna be interesting to see how Makayla does with all the traveling we will be doing when we're in Ohio. We have four families to visit and we won't be at one house for very long. On top of being in Ohio, we are going to visit my brother in Indiana! It's a pretty long drive, so we'll see how Makayla fares. She's a great baby, most of the time, though. I'm just worried about the sleeping situation, really because she doesn't do well unless she's in her own crib. My friend, Sarah, told me to take her dirty crib sheet with us to remind her of home. It sounds gross, but I think it'll work. 

Oh yeah, Makayla loves to play with my water bottle, that's why it's in the corner of one of the pictures. She also makes that super silly face all the time now and I'm so glad I finally caught it on camera! It's adorable!! And check out those super cute sunglasses! Not to mention the even cuter swimsuit! Ahhhh! I can't handle how adorably gorgeous my baby is!!! So precious!!!!!

Well, I've got some reading to do. Adam's gone for the night, so it's just me and my book! :)


amanda said...

what is it about babies in swimsuits??

sooo flippin cute!!

and she kept her sunglasses on!!

lucky :)

Becks said...

Makayla is so cute I can barely contain myself!! That swimsuit, those sunglasses, those super adorable chubby baby legs!! LOVE IT!

That's it I need a baby pool now! Sophia has 3 swimsuits..I know I know I have issues!!