15 June 2008

Randomness at its finest

This is going to be one random post of all the things I am thinking at this moment.
I had to get this out. Right. Now.

1. Adam has less than a month left in the Air Force before he starts terminal leave!
2. I really want to go home so very badly, but tickets are flipping expensive! Maybe if someone gave me some money, I could go home....
3. I want to go back to school, but I'm oh so worried about leaving Makayla with strangers for the better half of the day. Eeeeek!
4. We still don't have a house! Yay! Not so yay.
5. I absolutely hate folding laundry and there's a big pile waiting for me and more in the dryer.
6. I hate putting laundry away even more than I hate folding it. I'd seriously just rather go buy new clothes than fold this crap.
7. We are celebrating Adam's first Father's Day today! He's doing yardwork...out of the desire of his own heart. I swear. I could care less about our yard.
8. Makayla didn't go to bed until 9:30pm last night. Little booger.
9. She still woke up at 5am, of course.
10. She didn't take but a 15 minute nap this morning and has now been sleeping for 3 hours straight. Apparently she decided somewhere that she no longer needs a morning nap and that she loves getting up at 5 every morning. Yay me.
11. I have no idea what I want to major in at school. I'm so far outta the loop, I have no idea where to start.
12. I really need to go to the VA and sign up for my disability before July 2nd. I can get a years backpay on that junk!
13. I sincerely miss my brother.
14. Somedays I feel like a very inadequate person. 
15. Other days I feel like me staying at home doesn't matter as much as when I was in the Air Force.
16. I am the absolute most important person in Makayla's life. That makes me smile.
17. My family makes me so very, very happy.
18. I am so lazy and I do believe that stops me from acquiring most things that I could do in my life. It's a sickness really.
19. I still badly want a Coach purse, even though it is an unbelievable waste of money. Which we don't have. Hence, I still don't have one....
20. I have so many "projects" that I need to finish. Read #18.
21. I just bought this pillow thing to make for Makayla and I'm pretty excited about it. Let's see how long that lasts.
22. I have so many grand ideas and I never see them to the end. I have yet to finish my pregnancy scrapbook.
23. I need to start taking advantage of Makayla's nap times and put my time to good use, instead of wasting it on the computer like I'm doing now.
24. We need to find a house stat. It's getting down to the wire and we still have nothing.
25. I cannot wait to paint said house. Yummy colors!!
26. I hope I don't go color crazy like my mom did in our house. :D
27. Adam's done with the yardwork.
28. I hope Makayla wakes up soon.
29. I have a jewelry party on Monday night.
30. Our high chair from WalMart is on backorder. Just like everything else we order from there. I hate that store.
31. I now feed our child baby food on the couch. It's awesome.
32. Yesterday I fell in love with Apples and Cinnamon oatmeal.
33. I love the library. Free books. Are you kidding me?!
34. Makayla is my pride and joy. Seriously.
35. I try to please way too many people and most of the time, it gets me nowhere. My familia is all that matters.

A little glimpse into my life right now. Go me.


Kristen said...

Welcome to Motherhood! The area of your life, where all that exists is random thoughts! :)

Thank goodness for blogging right? :)

Thanks for dropping by my blog, and fingers crossed for the Target gift certificate! Yippeeee!!

Krystyn said...

Lots going on!

I'm with you on the laundry (both doing/folding and putting it up...I think I hate the putting up even more, too).