16 June 2008

Oh. My. Goodness.

I don't know if I'm just not used to the stress or what, but today wore me out!
Like seriously.
I had an appointment this morning to get a wart removed from my foot. Gross, I know, but it has to be done. So, I go to the appointment and luckily Makayla fell asleep on the way there. Yay!
We get there and some loser decides it'd be an awesome idea to slam this door right next to my sleeping child. So, bam! And she's awake. Yay.
Then, it takes them 20 minutes to flipping call me back there. The doc comes in after 10 minutes back there. Makayla's getting more and more mad by the way. Can ya picture it?
So, dude comes in and is all, "Just put duct tape on it at night and it'll come off." WTF?! Really, dude? You can't just freeze this hoopla off? I've had it for like 58676739 years and I'm pretty much done with it now. It took me that long to come in here and you tell me to use duct tape. 
Thanks. Thanks a lot.

After our lovely excursion at the doc, I decide maybe it'd be a good idea to get my GI Bill up and running so I can go back to school whenever I choose. Bad idea, Lindsey. Bad idea.
We go to Solano College. Makayla falls asleep on the way there. Yay!
We get there, walk 530272 miles to the building. I have to find the effing elevator because I have the biggest stroller ever created and then it's alllllll the way on the other side of the building. Really? You had to put only one elevator in and all the way on the opposite end of where I need to be, huh? 

At this point, I know Makayla's gonna need to eat soon and I'm not really one for whippin' out the boob where ever we are, so I brought a bottle. Although, I'm not very fond of her getting formula, but hey, I gotta pick my battles.
So, we get to the office and I'm trying to talk to the only competent woman there and she wants nothing to do with me. Great. Just feed me to your little minions then. Thanks.
I talk to some idiot student who obviously knows nothing about being in the military and what it entails to get the money to pay for schooling. This broad has me fill out 2435974 papers and I'm all, WTF?? 
Theeeeeeeeeeen, she has me fill out an application online! Did I say I wanted to start school this semester? That's a big fat negative. Thanks for wasting 15 minutes of my time while I have a screaming baby in your stupid office.

So, I finally finish 2 million things and then they're all, "You're gonna have to come back when you have your Member 4 DD214." Thanks.

Yeah, I have to go back there and freaking take alllll the papers I just filled out back there with my DD214. But first, I have to obtain said copy of DD214. Apparently Member 1 copy just isn't good enough for these fools. It all says the same crap, losers!

I was pretty much pissed and my entire day has gone downhill from there. I called Adam and was yelling at him about the whole stupid process, because, hello? Who else can I call?
After that garbage, I decide that I want Subway for lunch. Bad idea. Again.

Makayla falls asleep in the car on the way home. Again. Of course, we get into Subway (those fools haven't decided how awesome a drive thru is yet, huh?) and she wakes up. And she's pissed. And the line is all the way to China. So yay. But, I have a gift card and it's semi healthy and I'm on WeightWatchers. No choice. Der.

Side note, I just killed an effing spider on my kitchen table. EW.

OK, so she wakes up. Pissed. Get sandwich. Drive the .7 miles home. Put M in crib. She plays and plays and plays and plays and plays and plays. You get the idea. Not a fun day.

I also need to find a white shirt for our family pictures on Saturday. Good luck with that one! I'm gonna hit up Old Navy because they just recently had a ton of white crap in that store. I hate wearing white, but M's gonna be wearing it and I don't want to clash with my only solid colored shirt. It's cream. Lame, I know.

I have a freaking jewelry show tonight, too. To top off my incredibly sucky day, I have to work tonight. Seriously? I better get some good money from this hoopla.

Oh man, I'm pissed. I guess I should go check on Makayla and make sure she didn't roll over or something. Grrrrrrrrrr.....

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Stephanie said...

Ouch! That sounds like one heck of a bad day. Hopefully the rest of your week goes by a bit more smooth than this!

Thanks for visiting my blog! Love meeting new people on here!