20 June 2008

Picture Time!

P.S. All my captions for each picture are underneath.

Mommy, what are you feeding me?!

Oh yeah, gangsta baby.

Daddy and Makayla on Father's Day!

Family photo.

This is when I saw her roll over for the first time ever! Doesn't she look so proud?

Baby feet!

Enjoying swing time with her favorite rattle and Wooby.

She loves that ExerSaucer! Look at those little feeties!

Mommy and Makayla. Love at first sight. And she's staring at her first love, the ceiling fan.

Sit up like a big girl!

Here's Makayla at Daddy's work picnic yesterday. It was so much fun and she was so very good for us!

I took her hat off right after this picture and she was sweating so much, her hat was soaked! She got really overheated yesterday. That's California for ya!

This was taken just moments ago after she dropped a huge load in her diaper. She didn't want to take a nap after that. I think she's relaxed now and ready for one, though. :)

Here she is hanging out with her best friend, Mr. GloWorm. He's awesome. He helps her get to sleep at night. ♥

I hope you all enjoyed pictures of our little one. She's so precious to us and we are so blessed to have her in our lives!

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