20 June 2008

New hurr!

But first, I present to you....the beautiful sleeping Makayla! I took these two pictures just a few minutes ago. This is how she fell asleep for her nap. Oh, how sweet! Her little feet are crossed, she's hanging on for dear life to the crib bumper, she's sucking her thumb. And check out that unruly hair! Mommy doesn't know how to tame it!

I was always too scared to take pictures of her when she was sleeping for fear of waking her. Well, it didn't wake her and I think these pictures are beautiful. So, there'll be more.

And she's sucking her thumb! Yay!

Onto the new hair....

Drool spots from M. Duh.

Okay and back to Makayla. :D I just can't get enough of her! And I know you can't either!

You're almost there, baby! You can do it!!

We got Makayla's high chair yesterday! Yipee! I put it together today. I was going to wait for Adam to do it when he got home, but it was oh so easy and now I can feed her her lunch in there, so watch out for those pictures, too! It's so adorable. Love it!

Make sure you scroll down to see the rest of the amazing pictures I posted today!!


amanda said...

i just love when beans curls to her side and hangs on to the crib!! soo sweet :)

and the hair - sister its AWESOME!! very, very chic!!

amanda said...

me again...i have a little something for you over in my world :)