24 June 2008

Here we sit

So, we put an offer on the same house we put an offer on before. Yeah, the first one. Apparently the people that got their offer accepted, decided they no longer wanted it. Guess it has too much work for them or whatever. Bring it. I like a challenge every once in a while.

We're waiting to hear back from the bank. Pray for us!

This past Sunday was the first time we have been to church in two weeks. That's not a long time for us to miss out on church. I missed many consecutive Sundays after Makayla was born, so I'm not feeling down on myself for it. Anyway, it was wonderful.

During church I really like to focus on the moment. I try extra hard not to get distracted by whatever is going on around me. People talking to other people (or me!), people coming in and out of the doors, what I want to eat for lunch, what I need to get done this week...you get the idea. So in all this trying not to get distracted business, sometimes just that happens. And sometimes it is Divine Intervention. 

As we were sitting there praising the one true God, I look to my right and a few rows up, there is a man signing the words to each song. Wow.

It was powerful. Jesus had my full attention then, for sure. This man was just your average man. Tall. Skinny. Glasses. Okay, maybe he was more on the nerdy side or whatever, but I honestly believe God put him there, in my view, just. for. me. Seriously.

I have always been moved when I see someone that I feel is less fortunate than I. I don't mean for that to sound cocky or anything, but my heart just hurts for them. I know most of the time these people do not want you to feel bad, but I just can't help it. I have compassion coming out my ears. Unless you're rich. Then I probably don't like you because let's face it. You think you've got it all and you're cocky. So bite me.

Back to this man. There he sits. Just praising Jesus. He can't sing. He has no voice. But oh Lord, he can sign!!! And sign he did. To every song. It was amazing. I just started crying right then and there. I felt kinda dumb at first because a lot of my friends always look around and look over at me and then get all concerned or whatever. Jesus moves me. That is all.

I can't explain it to you, but it was simply perfect. 

All that to say, I want to be like that man. I don't want to have to always use my words for people to know I love Jesus. I want it to be in every fiber of my being. I want it to come out of my pores. I want it to be all over my clothes. I want Jesus to be everywhere I am. I want every single person I come in contact with to see how much I love Jesus. From the way I act. Words are just that. Words. So many people lie with their words. So many people can say, I'm a Christian. But are you? Are you really? Because I see no part of that in your life. I have had countless "friends" lie to be about stuff that most definitely is not worth lying about. Don't get me wrong. I've lied. Many times. But the most wonderful thing about Jesus is that He forgives you. Before you even mess up, He forgives you. He wants you to come back to Him.

There it is. That's my heart. I love Jesus and I'm not afraid.

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