25 June 2008

Tuesday Twelve

Twelve Things I Have To Do This Week

1. Get working on Makayla's pillow.
2. Makayla's 6 month appointment. Tomorrow at 9am.
3. Hear back about the house dealy. Hopefully tomorrow.
4. Pick up 47363 prescriptions. To-do list tomorrow.
5. Go through Makayla's clothes {again}, sort them out. Put all old stuff into SpaceBags. Need to do tomorrow. Finally!!
6. Get out all 9-12 month clothes and hang them up. Again with the tomorrow.-Kinda did this. I sorted them all out and they are waiting to be washed and hung, but they will still be a bit too big on her, so I think I'm going to wait a month or so...
7. Send pregnancy pictures to WalMart to get printed for scrapbook. Will be ready by next Tuesday. Yay!
8. Pick out the pictures of Makayla for her scrapbook. There are about 5Gigabytes to choose from, so that'll take a while....
9. Fold laundry. Completed at 10:21pm.
10. Finish the novel I am reading. Completed at 9:46pm.
11. Take movies back to Blockbuster. Also on to-do list for tomorrow. Done, along with the book.
12. Actually lose weight this week. Getting there....

Just a little glimpse into my life. Yeah. I'm not super busy, but I feel like it. I have so much on my to-do list, it's not even funny. An extra one for fun....

13. Clean the house. Blah. This is a battle I will never win.

I have a lot on my list for tomorrow. I get really excited to get so much stuff done and then I don't do it. So, I'll keep ya updated as to what I actually accomplish tomorrow.
Also on my list for tomorrow....
-Grocery shopping.
-Find a frame for Makayla's birthday timeline thingy.- Update...not gonna get one. We are going to put it in her scrapbook instead.
-Get a frame for "Makayla" name thingy.-Went to Michael's. Asked how much it would cost for a custom frame (it's a weird size) and they said $100!!! I said peace!
-Return movies and book.-Done.
-Get new book at library.-Not yet. I'll wait a while. I've got some to read here at home.
-All of M's clothes business I must tend to.-Done!!! Read post above (somewhere).
-Iron Adam's BDUs.
-Go through allllllllll the pictures on my computer and name them, so in 25 million years, I don't forget.

Hey, at least I got the laundry out of the way, right?

UPDATE!!-June 27th, I started writing in Makayla's baby book. I know, I know, it took me 6 months to start the darn thing! At least I didn't wait until she was a year, right? :) It's still all {sorta} fresh in my memory. So that's something I'm pretty proud of right now! Yay! And I filled out her calendar, too. Man, I am on it this week!!

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