17 June 2008

Goin' in the books!!

Today marks the day that I finally got to see Makayla roll over from her back to her belly!
She was just playing on her mat rolling onto her side over and over and over again. And then she went to grab her lion head toy (creepy, I know.) and it was just a little bit out of reach and BAM!

She did it! I'm so proud! And I'm even happier that I actually got to see this momentous feat!
Well, she's screaming because she hates being on her belly and she keeps forgetting how to roll herself back over, so I better get on that. :D

I'm so happy!!!!!

1 comment:

amanda said...

oh i too remember this moment!! sooo huge :)

just wait till you watch her sit up all by her self!! she kept doing it in her crib in the middle of the night and we had no idea how she could go from lying down to full big girl sitting up!! then one day i saw it!! i had baby tears - i was sooo proud!!