28 June 2008

Oh yes, it's true

Makayla has officially learned how to roll over! Like for serious.

She rolled over from her back to her belly this morning at around 6am. I mean, she probably did it earlier than then, but that's when I went in and found the little one. Crying. Duh. She sometimes forgets how to roll back over. We'll get there.

And then, the night before last, she rolled over from her back to her belly at 1am (at least that's when she woke up...read on.). Seriously, I thought we were done with that. Ah well, you take it all in strides, right? I'm still her Mommy and I still love her. So, I, being the awesome Mom that I am, wait until 2am to go in there and that's when I find her. I felt horrible! I sure hope she wasn't like that from 1am on!

Also, yesterday during her one and only nap (we've had a napping miscommunication for sometime now), she decided it'd be fun to cut it short and roll over and scream bloody murder! Yay! Thanks! :)

But, I am still proud, nonetheless. Even if it makes my fat butt get off the bloggyworld and go tend to my amazingly beautiful child.*

And today! Oh today! We are going to the beach to celebrate Miss M's 6 month birthday! Yay, yay, yay! I cannot wait!! But right now, my baby girl is taking her morning nap and I am going to lay back down, as well. I'm tired. Having a baby will do that to ya.

*I do not actually ignore my baby. I only blog when she is sleeping, thankyouverymuch.

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