28 June 2008


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Just another of Makayla's masterpieces. I'm so proud! I'm tellin ya, she's gonna be a writer, you just wait!!

So, we didn't go to the beach today. Bummer. We were on our way there and then we had to stop to feed Makayla and when we opened the car door (we were almost there), it was freezing! So, we ate our picnic lunch in the car, after feeding the babe and were on our way back home.

We stopped at WalMart to check out paint colors. It was super fun and we figured out every room, except Makayla's bathroom because I forgot. But, I did find the decor I want to use in her bathroom, so yay for that! And we picked out all the other colors, too! I'm so excited! It's gonna be AWESOME!!!

So, we tried to go to the beach, but that was a no go. That's ok. Makayla's swimsuit was waaaaaaaaay too small anyway. It was hilarious! :) And then on the way home from WalMart, she started screaming at the top of her lungs!! I was all, what's wrong with her? Then when we got her home, we realized she was sitting in pee. Not just a little bit, either. It was all the way up her back! I felt so terribly bad!!! We put a swimmer diaper on her before we left and apparently, they don't hold pee as well as they claim. So they suck. That's $10 bucks wasted. Oh well.

Somehow we got her outfit off over her legs, so as not to get pee all over her poor little head, tore off the  yucky swimmer diaper and fed her bananas for the first time! Wahoo! She's almost done trying all the 1st Foods and then we can move onto 2nd Foods! Mama's excited!!! She just needs to try the prunes after the bananas and then we can move on. Very exciting, I know. But, hey, I'm thrilled, so I don't really care what you think. :)

Well, that's been the extent of our lovely Family Day today. It was wonderful, even though we didn't go to the beach. Adam and I laughed a lot together and even got some things accomplished {hello, paint colors!!}, so all in all, it was a great day.

Amen to that.

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