30 June 2008


Every week I am hopeful.

Hopeful of things to come.
Hopeful that I'll be better this week.
Hopeful that I'll lose weight.
Hopeful that I'll get more done.
Hopeful that I'll be a good Mommy.
Hopeful that I will change.
Hopeful that I will have more faith.

Almost every week I fail at just about everything on that list.
I am not depressed. For reals.
I'm fine.

I just am always hopeful of change.
And most of the time I don't change.

There are so many tasks on my to do list right now, it's becoming unbearable. But today, I realized I just need to give it all to Jesus. He will take care of it. I really have no power. He's got it under control and there's nothing I can do to influence that.

Jesus will give the faith I need in Him. He will give me the desire to read my Bible and to pray. He will settle all my fears and worries. He will take care of it all. He will give us the money to fix all the stinking problems on our house. He. will. provide.

He always does. He is faithful. And I faithful in Him and all that He does.

Might sound stupid to you, but it is oh so true.

So tonight, I am hopeful for tomorrow. 
I will get what I need to get done.
I will pray with every waking hour.
I will seek Jesus. The rest will fall into place.

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The Gerster Family said...

Lindsey, I completely understand every single word of this post. I battle everyday with the "to-do's" and the "want to's." I actually had to stop making "lists" for the day, and do them for the week. This helped my husband know how he could serve me too. Anyway, if you ever need to blow off steam, you know where I am. As I said, I know exactly how you are feeling. Some weeks, you just feel like you've accomplished "nothing." But it is in those weeks that your daugher may remember the moments the most. *hugs*