26 June 2008



Just got done going through Makayla's 9-12 month clothes and sorting them out amongst the 18-4T clothes. Yeah, I buy a lot of clothes for my daughter, what?

So now alllllll her 9-12 month stuff is together and one day, very soon, it will need to be hung in her closet. Sadness. But, it's a time we must face. One day. But not yet. Her sleepers are getting a little tight on her, but they still work and the 9 month ones would just be absolutely ridiculous! So for now, we're making it work. And doing just fine.

That girl has a lot of clothes, though! I never knew how blessed we were! A lot (by a lot, I mean, more than half), of the clothes we have for Makayla are hand me downs from people in our church. We are blessed, for sure.

But, some of them are a little outdated and will be passed on to others. If they don't want them, fine. But at least I no longer have them. And there is no reason for me to hang on to every. single. outfit. she got, because, let's face it, if we have another little girl, there are going to be other baby showers and people just can't resist buying clothes. And frankly, I don't want my daughter 4 years from now wearing outdated clothes. Duh. 

Anyway, I'm purging the clothes. Keeping the outfits I love. Mostly the new stuff and the stuff she wore a lot and I just cannot part with. I read in a magazine this really great idea for old stained outfits....(I just recently started throwing them away, but now...) I am going to make a blanket for Makayla out of the stained ones. Most of them she didn't even wear because they were stained before she got here. Like from washing them, not hand me downs. But, I thought that was a fun idea because then she can have a blanket with scraps of her old clothes. How cute!

So there it is, ladies and gents. I'm getting stuff done around here and I feel good. I like to work at night, though. Usually when Adam's busy doing something else. It makes me feel good. But then I'm exhausted the next day, but whatever. I've been going on no sleep for 6 months now, so I'm over it.

Yay for me and yay for getting rid of stuff and passing it on to others who might need it!!! :)


Stephanie said...

It's so bittersweet for me to go through Karys' clothes too every time she reaches a new size group. Currently we are in about 18 months and sometimes 2T. It is crazy how fast they go. I have not been able to bring myself to toss anything yet though. It's all in the attic ;)

amanda said...

yay for you is right!! i love accomplishing things from the to do list :)

long distance high five!

Becks said...

I am so glad you came out of hiding and left a comment!! So nice to meet you!

Love the feeling of getting things accomplished! I feel like I have to go through Sophia's clothes every month and sort out what fits and what doesn't. They grow too fast!!

Allikaye's Mama said...

Oh girl! I am right with you on the over-supply of clothes! Miss Allikaye has too many...and I just can't seem to quit buying more...darn! I am so glad you came by my blog! I am going to link you and visit more...my new friend! And Makayla is gorgeous!!