03 June 2008


I am still amazed at what a smart little baby we have! She slept through the night last night!

She did that once before, but it was just a fluke. This time, I'm pretty sure she's awesome. She cried about 3 times, but I was so flipping exhausted that I didn't go in there. And then, she just stopped crying after a couple minutes, so I didn't have to go in there anyway! She even woke up at 5am and cried and then went right back to sleep until 6am! Go baby, go!!

So, needless to say, I'm proud of her! Maybe this'll be the new nighttime routine? A Mama can dream....

Annnnnnnd, on June 1st, she sat up all by herself on the floor. I have pictures to prove it. She's done it before in our laps, but she was leaned over really far. This time, it was all her! Oh yeah and yesterday, she ate squash for the first time! She absolutely loved, loved, loved it! She didn't even make the yucky baby face when trying it! It was awesome! But, the green beans....not so much. I don't blame her. They're gross.

I'm still proud that she's sucking her thumb now, too. It's only her left one and today, she just plopped it in her mouth like an old pro! That was the first time that has happened, too. Normally, she rubs her head and then her thumb just kinda rolls into her mouth. Not today! I swear she's gets smarter by the minute!

I also think she's teething. She's been ultra fussy lately and last Friday night, when we put her to bed, she was crying for forever. I went in and picked her up and she was still screaming her head off! So, I just assume that she's teething because she hasn't been like that since she was born! And this is about the time that most babies start teething, so it sounds about right. There's really no way to tell anyway. It's all a guessing game, so I guess we'll find out in a few days! And last night, I fed her before she went to sleep and then she woke up and was screaming for 45 minutes. So out of character for her. She has no fever. Teething it is.

She absolutely loves to bounce, too! It's so funny when she's standing up on my lap, she'll just start boppin' those legs. It is the funniest thing you'll ever see! She's so adorable and even smarter to boot!

I've been trying to upload videos to YouTube, but for some reason it takes like 2 hours and then it won't even be loaded yet! So, they're comin', just not yet. It takes way too long. But, one day. I'll let ya know when. :)

Little girls are sooooo much more fun to dress, too! I mean, look at those leggings! You just can't put those on a little boy! Ahhhhh! Still the cutest baby you'll see....

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amanda said...

oh so fun!! reading this takes me back to just a few months ago!! it just goes by so very quickly :)

don't you just love baby legs??

thanks for stopping by my world and visiting our little bean :)