22 May 2008

Smiley baby!

Today, Makayla and I went to Old Navy with Michelle and Samantha after our scrumptious lunch at Panera. It was grand. I got Makayla THE cutest rain coat you will ever see in your life! And some pretty sweet shirts for 5 bucks or less. My kind of bargains!

But, the real clincher was that the cashier at Old Navy remembered Makayla! Do you want to know how she remembered her? From her smile! Yes, her smile! I haven't been there in at least 3 weeks and this lady remembered her beautiful smile and what a happy baby she was...How awesome is that?! Yeah, she deserves the Best Baby Award and she will get it!

Also, she was quite grumpy after she arose from her afternoon nap, so it took all Mommy had to keep her happy, since it's still quite a while until her bedtime. So, we have been playing on the couch and I've been tickling her belly and when I did it one time, she let out the most joyous squeal I have ever heard! It was music to my ears! I so wish I could have gotten it on video tape! It would have made any Mama proud!! 

And now she is a happy and content baby. Oh yeah and she threw up some of her lunch and I'm pretty sure that made her feel better, too. I think she has stomach problems.

But seriously. Best. Baby. Ever. Happiest. Mama. Ever.!

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