02 May 2008

The big 2-4.

So today, I turned 24!!!

Do you believe it?! I don't....but.... I do have to say it was the BEST birthday I have ever had!
I got to spend the whole day with Adam and Makayla...my two favorite people! It was awesome. I got to sleep in...go see Made of Honor...go to Olive Garden for lunch and just be with the two people I love most! It was fantastical!!!

Usually my birthday is a HUGE deal because that's the way my family has always done it, but I especially loved this birthday.  It was just really nice to be with my fam bam and do whatever I wanted. Not that I don't always get to do whatever I want on my birthday, but...it was just nice. :)

And tomorrow is Adam's 24th birthday and we are going on a safari with some of our friends! I am so juiced!! It's gonna be rockin', except that I have to leave my little baby girl for the entire day. It's gonna be rough...but I'm so pumped!

On that note, I'm going to go spend my evening with my fabulous husband who loves me so freaking much. Our little one is already asleep or else I'd spend it with her, too. Man, I love my life.

Yesterday Makayla got her 4 month shots and it was a sad day for all. She is always so happy when we lay her on that table and then the mean old man with the needle pricks her in her little leg and she wails!! So when they did it yesterday, she screamed and then didn't breathe for like 5 seconds, so I'm freaking out and the dude's like, Blow in her face! And right before Adam did, she started breathing. Way to scare a Mommy!!

But, my little baby is perfect in every way and I couldn't ask for a better one. Today when we were at the movies, she sat there so content. Didn't cry at all. I fed her and she was so happy. Then, towards the end, I was holding her in my lap and she was sitting up and her head started to bob a little bit, so I leaned her back so she was laying on me and she fell asleep right away! How could you not love her? She is a completely different baby from when she was first born. It's amazing the transition she has gone through! I just love her so much.

And, as always, pictures for you to stare at all day. How could you not?! Is she or is she not just the most gorgeous baby you have ever laid eyes on? I think so..... <3

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jenica said...

she is almost as cute as my babies. ;-D and that takes a lot! she truly is beautiful

thanks for coming by my blog today.