30 April 2008

New things!

So many new things have been happening lately...it's crazy!
Makayla just discovered that she has feet a few days ago. So cute!
But now every time I go to change her diaper, she's grabbing her feet which makes it a little hard for me to get the job done. But, it's ever so cute, so I don't mind!

She's been trying to roll over from her back to her tummy alllllll day today!!! She's getting really close, but no cigar yet....

Also, last night and today for one of her naps, she's gotten herself caught underneath her crib bumper. She cries every time we put her in her crib and we've been letting her "cry it out" for some time now, so when she cries, I don't think anything of it. So these last two times, I've just let her cry for a while and then I go in there and freak out!!! I'm so terrified she's going to suffocate herself, so we're contemplating taking the bumper down...but I just don't want her to bump her beautiful little head on the wood....

Another thing she's been doing is when we put her on her playmat that has toys above it, she'll play for a while and then she'll start sliding down it and then she's off of it. It's hilarious! Right now she's perpendicular to the way that I set her on her mat just a few minutes ago. Man, I love this child!!!

Here are some pictures for you to gawk at....she's gorgeous! The first three are from her 4 month birthday...that was the first time she went in her stroller without the car seat! And then her grabbing her newly found feet.

Oh yeah, she's chatting up a storm, too! And she loooooooooves to be outside and look around and listen to the birds and the dogs barking. It's so precious.

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Jo Murphy said...

Hey there Crockett Clan!
Makayla is so adorable!! Glad to hear things are going well for you. It sounds as if motherhood suits you to a T (not that there was any doubt!) :)
Just wanted to send my love.