03 May 2008


Today is Adam's birthday! It was awesome!! We went on a freaking safari...how cool is that?! It was near Santa Rosa and it was one of the coolest things I have done in my life!! Serious.

I'll post pictures probably tomorrow...my batteries are dead for my camera. Go figure. :)

But, it was awesome. We got to go with our amazingly wonderful friends and had a blast! We got to see all kinds of animals that I can't even remember the names of...but, I do remember there were giraffes and zebras! The giraffes were awesome!! They licked Janelle's foot and they came right up in our faces...it was amazing! The zebras were really neat too...they had babies!! And we got to see a pregnant cow and the little baby was kicking around when we saw it. How neat is that? I was just amazed during the entire thing...everywhere I looked there was something awesome! And I was asking so many freaking questions...I felt like a little kid in a whole new world! :) The whole thing was just great. And then we got to eat lunch and have cake, too! I just loved it all....

The only bad part was that we had to leave Makayla for the whole day. That sucked because it's only the second time I have been away from her for the entire day. Needless to say, the girls were a little full at the end of the day. :D But, it was awesome getting to see her again, even though she was a little fuss pot. I think she knows that we left her and she was just mad at us. We put her to bed early. Adam's out with our pals watching Iron Man. I hope he's enjoying himself. I love him so much and I hope this was an unforgettable birthday for him!

Next Wednesday is our 3 year anniversary! Yippee!!! :) <3


Theresa Marie said...
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Anonymous said...

hey, kids!! i love the blog and loved hearing about your birthdays! glad you liked the safari...sounds like fun!! that's so cool that you had zebras 'in your face'!! look forward to seeing some pix of it!
love, mama

Michelle said...

Wow, sounds like it was really fun. Sam and i should go this summer. Can you take babies?