24 April 2008

Precious Moments

Makayla is by far the sweetest baby that has ever been created!

So, since I'm trying to get her on some semblance of a "schedule" and it's just starting today, she has hardly gotten any sleep. Her bedtime has normally been around 7ish, give or take, depending on the mood she's in. Since she had gotten one nap earlier today, she was extremely exhausted at around 5:30. This turned out to be a major feat for me to keep her up, especially since Adam is sick with a respiratory infection, so I'm basically the only one who can take care of her, as of late. 

5:30 rolls around and she's cranky and all she wants to do is sleep. I know this. I put her on her blanket on the floor and was playing with her....she was having none of that. I pick her up and am holding her in my lap, playing with her feet...

I look down and see that her precious little eyes are closing. Her head starts to nod forward and she wakes herself up. She proceeds to do this until I lay her down a little bit more in my arms. Then, she's out cold. Cute as a button!!!

So, I'm sitting on the floor in the most uncomfortable position ever, worried that if I get up, she'll wake up and be screaming until it's bedtime. I sit there for a while and then my back starts to ache, so I go to the bedroom and show Adam what a wonderfully beautiful and sweet, sweet baby we have created. She didn't wake up this entire process and it's a pretty long journey from our living room to our bedroom. So then, I go back to the living room and put her down on the couch next to me. She sleeps there for about 30 minutes.

She wakes up and is looking around...I thought she knew I was beside her. She gets a pouty look on her face, so I say, It's ok! Mommy's right here! The poor thing had no clue I was right next to her! As soon as I uttered the first word, her eyes got really big and her whole body shook! It was so sad, but kinda humorous at the same time! I felt so bad for her, though.

Then, it was back to our regularly scheduled programming....

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Elissa said...

Hey Linds!

Got your comment. If you go to the "customize" link on your dashboard (the homepage), it'll take you to where you can put on all sorts of things - link lists, pictures on the side, etc. To add pictures to your posts, you just click the little picture on the toolbar when your typing up your post. YOu can either upload one of your own pictures or take a picture from the web. It's really easy. Hope that helps!