24 April 2008

First Time...

Hey there fans of the Crockett family!
We're new to this whole blogging thing, so give us a break... :D
I figured I'd start a blog to keep our family that is alllll the way on the East Coast a way to know what's going on out here in Cali-forn-i-a.
Things are pretty crazy around here, actually. We recently found out that Adam will not be able to work for his dad as planned, so now we're looking at other options. I was super stressed about it at first, but things are looking up now. Adam has been on the hunt for a job since the day we found out.

We have been praying a lot about the direction that the Lord wants us to go. We have no clear cut answers yet, but we'll keep praying and hopefully God will open a door somewhere. We haven't taken this area off the market yet...sad to say for the fam in Ohio, I know.
But, I'll still be coming home in June sometime, regardless of where we'll be living.

I bought On Becoming Babywise yesterday and I'm already done reading it. There is so much fantastic information in that stinking book, it's insane! I'm sad to say I have been doing this parenting thing all wrong from the beginning. Oh well. Things can change now, so that's a plus!

Anyway, I've got to get Makayla on a schedule, but it has to be a flexible one. We started today and it was a rough morning!! She was not liking not eating before nap time. But, the second nap of the day started with only a few minutes of crying and blissful sleep since 11:30 and it's now 12:10, so yay for that! Hopefully, we'll be on a roll in the next three days (that's how long the book says it should take...) and things will get better around here.

Makayla hasn't been the best baby since she was born, as most of you know. But, the book said that if you feed your baby too often, that may be part of the problem. And I've been feeding her probably 10-12 times a day still. She does not need to eat that often and she has gotten disinterested in eating when she eats that much. So, I made up a rough schedule this morning of how our days should go from now on. We'll see if it works. I'm positive.

Well, that's all for now. Leave me comments and let me know you're enjoying this and I'll keep posting!!

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