10 October 2007

Pregnancy Survey!

What month did you conceive in? end of March or beginning of April, not really sure.

Did you conceive where you live now? HAHA! Nope, it was a fateful night in Washington State...Room 740 at the Evergreen Inn. :)

Do you know the exact day you conceived? I can't remember, but if you gave me a calendar I could!

Were you trying to conceive? Not exactly. We were going to start trying once Adam got back from Iraqiland...like November-ish.

If not, were you happy anyway? OF COURSE!!!

Did the daddy want a baby, too? Yep, we both agreed that we were ready to make babies.

Was he the first person you told? No, Natasha was.

Why did you think you were pregnant? I don't know. I think it's just a vibe that prego women get because I thought I was for like two weeks before I found out.

Was the line on the HPT dark or light? It said pregnant, so it was pretty easy to decipher.

What brand of HPT did you use? Clear Blue Easy.

How long did you wait to tell your parents? We told them that night...after I finally got to tell Adam.

How far along were you when you had your first appointment? 8 weeks.

What stuck out about your first appointment? I had two ultrasounds. One at the Radiology place a week before and then one at my appt. We got to hear the heartbeat with the ultrasound stuff. It was super!

Do you remember what the first heartrate was? 163 BPM.

What's cuter, Daddy's Little Girl or Mamas Little Boy? Either one is super cute, be we are having a Daddy's Little Girl!!

What did you want, boy or girl? I had no preference and even if she came out a boy, I'd still be super happy!!

Which is more fun to dress up? Boy or girl? Prolly girl, but whatev.

What was the worst part about trimester 1? Being tired all the time and still having to get up at 5:30 every morning.

Best? Knowing that you have this little secret growing inside of you and strangers that you walk past don't even know!

When did you start to show? I'd say probably around 14 weeks, but I didn't wear maternity clothes until 16 weeks.

Did you go buy any maternity clothes? Nope, my Mama funded my entire maternity wardrobe!!

Was there a point where you thought you just looked fat? Nope! Never! I always joke that I'm fat, but I know I'm not. :)

Was the daddy excited that you were showing? Yeppers, but he wasn't here to enjoy it with me...

Do you remember what the heart rate was at most of your appointments? It's never been lower than 150 BPM.

What do you remember most about your second appointment? I was by myself because Adam was already in Iraqiland and it took like 5 minutes. Seriously.

Did you get good profile pictures at your 'big' sonogram? They were ok, but we're going to a 3D place next week, so yay for that!!

Was the gender easily identified? They said it was, but I'm not so sure if I believe them....

Was it a Daddy's girl or Mama's Boy? G-I-R-L!!

What's cuter? Baby girls or baby boys? Ummm, babies are cute no matter what!!!

What do you remember most about your 'big' sonogram? My Mommy got to be there with me. It was so amazing!!

What was the first thing you bought your baby? HAHA! A pair of rainboots like the day I found out I was pregnant. :)

Did you like the 'orange stuff'? Yeah, it tasted like orange pop.

What was the best part of trimester 2? Being in Ohio with my family while Adam was gone.

Worst? Not being able to start getting her room ready.

When did you have your baby shower? I had one August 4th, one August 12th and I'm going to have one here October 28th.

What was the best gift you recieved? Dunno yet. :)

How much did you weigh at your last appointment? 168 lbs. I'm proud of it!

How much did they guess the baby weighed? Nobody has ever told me, so I just go by what the online thingys say, so right now, she's about 3 lbs.-ish.

Did the baby move much? Oh yeah, she's on the go all the time. She does this little spasm thing. It's so cute!!!

What was the nicest thing daddy did for you? He tells me every day how much he already loves our baby and he hasn't even seen her yet.

Throughout your pregnancy did you have any cravings? One time, I HAD to have these cupcakes, so I made them. And then another time, I HAD to go to Wendy's at 11:30 PM, so my Mom took me. :)

Did you ever count kicks? Um, kinda. Not religiously...

Did you go on a 'babymoon'? Not yet, but I kinda need my husband for that.

Were you in maternity clothes? Who wouldn't be??

Did you get any stretch marks? Sadly yes, allllll over my upper thighs!!!

Did the daddy love your belly? Yeah, but he hasn't seen it in real life yet!! Yay!

What was the best part of Trimester 3? Knowing that Adam is going to be able to actually be here for some of my pregnancy!!

Worst? I'm pretty restless at night and being alone really sucks, too.

*Taken from Facebook.*

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