10 October 2007

Safeway Sucks!!!

So today, I go on a lovely excursion to Safeway to buy groceries for my husband who is going to be home very, very soon.
I'm having a great day thus far...nothing really phenomenal happened, but an average day. Whatever.

I roll up to Safeway, get my cart and start grocery shopping. Everything is going fine so far...ladedadeda.

Then, I'm ALMOST done after an entire hour of picking out freaking food (not one of my top ten favorite things to do.) and I'm waiting by the milk aisle to go to the checkout. There's this dumb broad that can't figure out which way she wants to go and OF COURSE, she's right in front of me. I have no way of escaping...so I wait.

She finally decides what she wants to do and gets out of my way and BAM! I hit a huge display of flipping cereal. Wonderful!, I say out loud to myself in fabulous Safeway. Dumb broad proceeds to pass me, of course. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

So, I'm picking up all this ridiculous cereal that was piled so high nobody would have touched it anyway, and like five people walk past me. What do they do? Oh yeah, they continue walking past me!!! HI!! I'm freaking 7 1/2 months pregnant here! Did you miss that?

And all of you know how difficult it is for me to bend alllllll the way down to the floor now, so thanks a lot people. Thanks.

Alright, I'm finally at the checkout after picking up 5,000 stupid cereal boxes and these freaking fools don't even ID me for the beer that I bought for Adam. I don't even look 18! Are you people idiots???

And, to top it all off, every single bag weighs about 20 pounds. Like seriously. Can nobody tell that I'm pregnant?!?! What is wrong with the world??? I thought it was pretty freaking obvious, but apparently only morons shop at Safeway.

So thank you Safeway for making my bags entirely too heavy for me, while I'm completely alone with no one else to bring the bags into my house for me.

Oh and I forgot to mention, one of the people that passed by me when I was begrudingly picking up those lame cereal boxes was someone that worked there!!!!! You suck too, loser.

And now, my groceries are probably melting all over my kitchen counter, but I had to get this out. I guess I better go put them away...

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