04 October 2007

10 more days!!!

Only 10 more days until I get to see the love of my life again! It has been 4 grueling months without him and now...now, I get to see him in just 10 days!!!
It's very nervewracking for me.
I'm also super excited, don't get me wrong, but it's been four months since he's been here.
Which means...I've gotten used to being on my own.
Gotten used to freaking out every single time my doorbell rings.
Gotten used to taking out the trash.
Gotten used to this house being in disarray.
And now, in just 10 short (yet VERY long) days, that is all going to change, once again.
Adam and I have been through this before.
We always go through it. We've been apart for nearly half our marriage already.
And on top of that, we didn't even live in the same state when we were engaged!!
So, we're used to it.
But this time, it all seems different...
Maybe it's because I'm pregnant. Maybe it's because I'm not working. Maybe it's because...I don't know. But, it's different.
I am so freaking excited and so very nervous at the same time!!
It's like I have to get to know him all over again.
It's easy to talk on the phone every day and whatever, but once that person is here again, it takes on a whole other dimension.
Anyway, I'm super pumped that I get to see the love of my life in only 10 days.
Maybe I should start cleaning the house now.....

*Taken from Facebook.*

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