04 March 2014


We went to a cardiology appointment for Kalkidan today. Last time she was at the doc, they said she had an irregular heartbeat. She got an EKG and then later an echocardiogram. They both came back with issues so we've been working to figure out what's going on.

So our appointment was today and we waited for way too long...as usual. The cardio doc came in and told us that she's fine. Some kids have irregular heartbeats because they breathe faster than we do and she'll grow out of it, so that's good news!

We also went to a fundraiser dinner at Spring Creek BBQ for Makayla's school. It's so fun to see her with her friends. She is quite the popular little girl!


Little twinkies at the doctor's office.


They took our picture at dinner so this is a picture of a picture. :)

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