27 February 2014


We had lunch with Miss Chelsey today at Jason's Deli. I had never been there before and it did not disappoint! They have a fresh salad bar and it was so yum!!

We spent lots of time talking about essential oils and it was so fun! Then we got Sissy from school and headed to the library to find out it was closed! Boo.

And the big fun for the evening is that we went to Makayla's open house at school!! It was so much fun! They are having their book fair and Makayla brought home a wish list earlier this week so we got her a couple books and then each little sis got to pick out a book, too. We went to her classroom after that and she had a little checklist of everything she had to show us. It was so fun to see everything she does each day when we aren't with her and it was so awesome to see how proud she is of all that she can do. I am so proud of my girl and I love her so much.

We went to her choice for dinner (Dickey's) and she wanted dessert first and us, being the cool parents we are, allowed it. :)



She is just so amazing.

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