26 February 2014


We had a very eventful day today. Kalkidan's four year check up was today and she got five immunizations. Poor thing! After being at the doctor's office for way longer than we should have been, we finally headed to meet Daddy for lunch at Railhead BBQ! So yum. I called my mommy on the way to Target and had a nice long chat with her about life and stress. :)

I had to get a few things at Target including prescriptions and then it was almost time to pick up Makayla from school but a bit too early yet. So I came home, grabbed the girls a snack and then headed to the library to pick up a book I had on hold. Theeeeen we got Sissy and came home. When I told M about everything we did today she said, "wow! That was a big day!" So cute.

After all that, I had a great conversation with my husband which I always love doing. And then hr made me dinner...Belgian waffles and sausage. I adore my family and I'm so lucky to have them all.

Also, happy left handers day! Gotta support my lefties since the rest or my family is left handed! :)



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