02 January 2014


Here we are at day two of 2014 and I think I've already blogged more this year than I have at all last year! I kid, I kid.

But seriously though, I really want to get back into blogging and more so for our girls to have something to look back on when they are older and to see all the fun and amazing things we did and how well we loved. It's important for me to capture memories and to keep them. For my girls. And for me.

Today was a super laid back day. We took Mittens to get declawed in the front and neutered. We get to bring him home tomorrow morning!!

I was EXHAUSTED today...not sure why, but Adam told me to go take a nap. So I did. For four hours. And it was awesome. When I got up, we took the girls to the park, though it's a teeny bit cold here still. The girls loved swinging on the swings and Addison walked around the playground singing and dancing. I got some of it on video. She is so precious! Kiki stayed in the swings for most of the time. Makayla and Kiki did go down some of the slides and they all wandered around under the playground. Addi even told me to come under there because it's fun! HA!

We had Chipotle for dinner and then we came home and Adam read the girls allllll of the library books they have collected in the past week or so. They love reading and I am so happy that they love it so much. I'm currently reading three books at one time, so I kind of love it, too. I hope to pass that love down to my girls. Adam is also reading his first book of 2014 and I'm so excited! I freaking love reading. I love entering other peoples' stories, whether fact or fiction. I don't discriminate. :)

Tomorrow we have a busy day around here. Makayla has her six year well child visit in the morning...after we go pick up our kitty! And Kalkidan is starting her play therapy tomorrow afternoon. I'm excited to see how it goes for her and to see what it can unlock in her sweet brain!

I'm like really pumped for everything that 2014 will bring for our family. I know it's just another year and whatevs, but I LOVE a fresh start and I was beyond ready to leave 2013 behind. So yay for that!

Oh! Also, I started a new little side project over here: thecrocks.wordpress.com I'm planning to post a picture a day (or two!) on something we did or something that makes me happy. I'm not making too many rules for it because I just want it to be fun and to have a collection of photos from our year. So go check it out and keep coming back for more updates!

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