03 January 2014


We had a pretty busy day today. Makayla and Adam picked up Mittens this morning. I tried to get a picture of him but he has been under our bed ever since he got home this morning. His little paws are all bandaged up. Sweet kitty!

Then I took Makayla to her six year well child and she was a laughing fool while we were there. It was pretty hilarious! I took her out on a little date after that. We went to the library and to Sonic for lunch. It is always a sweet time to get some one on one with her.

We came home and rested briefly and then we went to Kalkidan's play therapy. I'm still on the fence about it so we shall see how it ends up going. I think she might be past that, but I think it's too early to tell yet.


Here is Makayla at her doctor visit being too shy in her paper gown. She looked super cute, though!!


All the girls at the therapy office waiting patiently.

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