12 January 2012

It's amazing how when you're a mom to more than one child the second one makes you reminisce so much about the first one. Addison and I were playing in Makayla's room tonight while M and Daddy put together his new smoker (it was a Christmas gift from his brother...judge ye not) and everything she did just took me back to when Makayla was 18 months old. Watching her learn new things. Seeing the world with a fresh perspective. EVERYTHING is new.

Addi was just doing normal 18 month old stuff, but it's so beautiful to watch your child learn and grow and become this amazing person. She found one of M's Dora slippers and put it by her foot because she knew that's where it goes. She wanted a bracelet on and when I reached for it, she put her wrist out for me to put it on her arm. She put the hat on her head. And when I told her to kiss the baby, she did and it was one of the most precious sights I've ever seen. Even though she doesn't say anything, she speaks volumes. And sister will let you know what she wants.

She blows kisses all the time now.

I was putting Addi to bed tonight and I asked her where her nose is for the bazillionth time tonight and finally, finally, girlfriend pointed to her nose!! Her very own nose!!

These are the moments I don't want to forget. I don't want to be too busy doing something else that I miss this stuff. It's all too fleeting and I won't get this time back while my babies are little. So for now, I soak it up. I cherish it. And I cherish them.

Also today for the gazillionth time this week, M and Addi got into my beads in the craft room. Actually they are their beads because I don't use them for anything. We throw them all over the room and sing, 'It's raining beads! Hallelujah! It's raining beads! Amen!'. Yes, I started that one. HAHA! But, they love it and both Makayla and Addison partake in the bead throwing and it's so much fun. We make huge piles with them and then throw them all over again. It's fun. You should try it sometime. We love to string them on pipe cleaners and make pretty bracelets, too. Then we pack it all up and start over the next day. Addi tries to put the beads on the pipe cleaners by sticking them right next to the pipe cleaner and whining until I put it on for her. :)

Today, Makayla unraveled my yarn for the second time and she wrapped it around the whole house. And I mean, the whole house. I have pictures from the other day when she did it. Take a look.

It was a wreck, but MAJOR fun. So we did it again today. But then we all got too tangled and I had to cut the yarn and throw it away. We'll probably do it again tomorrow with different yarn. :)

So that's that. Don't take life too seriously. I can say that because my kitchen is clean and the dishes are ALL done. And everything is better when your kitchen is clean. :D


jkseevers said...

you're such a fun mom! I love all the pics of your sweet kiddos.

Was just looking you up on fb to say that I'm thinking of you, and wondering how you're doing in the wait...

Hope all is well.


Sarabeth said...

I have fond memories of unraveling yarn all over my grandparents home. It was so much fun. My brother and i would get it so that we could put blankets over top and make a fort. Keep having fun!

Tiffany said...

Hahaha, I about died when I saw those photos!!! So funny!!