02 January 2012

Facebook DELETED.

Oh my word, you guys. I feel SO much better right now.

I deleted my Facebook about an hour ago. And I feel so free!! I can do whatever I want! Yes, yes, I know you are probably saying I could do whatever I wanted before, but you see, there's no turning back now. I got rid of it! I'm done. It's gone! I know, I can just go and log back in, but I won't!

There's freedom in not having this stupid thing you feel like you're chained down to. The people that I was friends with on there, if we were actually friends, will still keep in touch with me outside of Facebook. I'm so sick of Facebook being the only outlet for people to get in touch with me by. I have a phone and if you really care, you can call me. Or text me. Or email me.

So, here's to the second day of the new year and no more Facebook! I feel liberated and free and refreshed! It's a beautiful thing, people. Wahoo!!!

Also, I kind of went to bed at 1:30 am last night. Oops. I also didn't wake up and read my Bible today. So, not such a good start there. But, I did start the day in prayer, so that's a plus! And there is always tonight to get to bed early and tomorrow to wake up and spend my morning with Jesus. Gotta keep things in perspective here. :)


Laina said...

Good for you :) I can understand your facebook frustration. I mean it's very surface level friendships on facebook I've noticed. All insignificant talk that takes up so much of our time but doesn't really add anything to our lives. I mean, I think once you're added as a friend, there are a few quick "catch me up" conversations and then you never talk to them again. Lame. Yet I still use it, but barely.

Sleeping Beauty said...

I am simultaneously so proud of you and envious! I have wanted to delete mine FOR REAL for ages but I always find some reason not to. The main one is that my support group is on there. I've debated deleting all the "friends" and just keeping them, but it seems pointless. I am so encouraged that you deleted yours! Kudos sister and happiest of new years. <3his

Colin and Jess said...

A while back, I deleted Facebook for maybe a year or so. It was GREAT! And you're right- it is frustrating when people get mad at you for deleting it, as if it is the ONLY way for them to contact you.

Now, I am back on it, but with a whole new account, so I started fresh with friends' requests. I have about 75 friends (half are family), which is awesome, because who needs 300? Or more? I spend SO much less time on it...and so much more on blogs. Oops. :) But, I get a lot out of blog reading. So it is an awesome trade for me.

Natasha said...

We'll find other ways to stalk you, don't worry ;) <3