02 January 2012

Addison's 18 Month Appointment.

Addi had her 18 month appointment this morning and we had some concerns that we talked over with the doctor.

I should also mention that Addi took her first steps yesterday!! With no help! It was amazing and we are beyond thrilled that she is finally doing it!! Go Addi!

Anyway, so we were concerned about her lack of walking and we will be going to see an orthopedic doctor soon because her hip is a little out of whack. But, not a huge deal anymore.

Also, we discussed her eating habits, or lack thereof. Typical 18 month old.

Her lack of talking? Typical 18 month old.

She's normal. Yay!! We will be going back in three months to check her weight again, though. Usually you don't go back until they're two, but our baby is still a little pipsqueak. :)

She's 30 1/4 inches long and 20 lb. 8 oz., but the doc says even though she's in the low percentile, she is still normal for her. That's what's important here. I'm not comparing my daughter to anybody else's kids. Addi does what is normal for her and that is all that matters.

I'm so relieved.


Laina said...

Hi there, just stopping by :)
Hooray for Addi on her first steps! That is definitely a treasured moment. Glad to hear her appointment went well and she is healthy. It's hard as a parent, we just want our children to be perfect with no problems :) It's good that you focus just on her and not comparing other kids. It's tempting but she is her own person and will develop at her own speed :)

Sleeping Beauty said...

Yay Addi!