03 November 2011

Day 3: Being Thankful.

Today I am thankful for coupons. I know that sounds totally silly and ridiculous, but I saved 24% on my VERY first coupon excursion today! It's not much, but it's something! AND I stayed 2 cents under budget! Now that's cutting it close! :) I was pretty proud of myself, though.

I got some fabulous groceries for our church's 'Second Saturday' thing that they do the second Saturday of every month. This month, it's filling up grocery bags for people in need. You know I love that!! So, I got some awesome stuff to fill up some bags AND got some awesome stuff for our family, too! And it wasn't ridiculous amounts of stuff we won't eat. We will actually eat this stuff!

Couponing is an art. HA! I sound totally lame, but it's true!! You have to scour the internet and the papers to find the best deals. Then you have to make sure you go somewhere that will double your coupons. It's kind of crazy and TONS of work, but I'm not going to be an Extreme Couponer anytime soon. I'll just keep watching the show. And keep being thankful for coupons that save our family money. :)

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