23 November 2011

Day 23: Being Thankful.

I am thankful that Addison is 17 months old today! She is so big! I can't believe she has been here for 17 months already. But at the same time, it seems like she has been here forever!

She still isn't walking, but she LOVES to hold our hands and walk all over the place. She looks up at us with this HUGE grin on her face and it is beyond precious.

She says no to pretty much every food known to man. She hates fruits and vegetables and loves carbs. I don't know where she got that from! ;)

She pulls herself up on everything and she loves to walk while pushing her toy stroller.

She adores her big sister and her big sister adores her, too. There is the occasional fight, but they're siblings, so yeah.

She sleeps with Monk-Monk and Leop-Leop. A monkey and a leopard. She usually throws them out of the crib before she's asleep, though.

She loves to read books upside down.

She waves bye bye every time we leave someone or something.

She still isn't saying anything except Mama (rarely!), Dada and Nana. We're working on it.

She survived her first double ear infection this month. She has been sick almost the entire month of November. Poor babe.

She's pretty much the coolest baby ever. And we will be celebrating her second Thanksgiving tomorrow! Woohoo!!