16 November 2011

Day 16: Being Thankful.

Today I am thankful for selling things on the internet!! Today, we sold a beautiful ring and necklace set of mine to raise money for our adoption. We also sold a book and a DVD set. WAHOO for more money coming in!

God has been so faithful in our adoption journey and every time I list something on eBay or Amazon, I pray over it and that it will sell. Well, we still have lots of stuff up there that hasn't sold yet, but I know it will right when it needs to.

Keep watching those tickers go UP, UP, UP!!! It's also awesome because we are still getting donations for Adam's run coming in. I love this!

So, I'm thankful for the interwebz. :)

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Kelley E. said...

Hello! Somehow I stumbled across your blog and just wanted to offer some encouragement. My husband and I recently adopted our daughter (she's 3 months old) and can completely relate to the fundraising and preparation. My prayers are with you!