01 November 2011

Day 1: Being Thankful.

Well, it's November. Adoption Awareness Month!! Next Sunday (the 6th!!) is Orphan Sunday. I'm pretty excited!! Also, Thanksgiving is in November. So, what better month to do a post a day on being thankful, right?

Every day this month, I am going to post a different thing that I am thankful for.

Since today is Day 1, I am going to start with being thankful for my family. I am so thankful for Adam, Makayla and Addison. They bring joy to my day every day. They make me laugh, make me think and challenge me in so many ways.

I am also beyond thankful for all the family that lives around us (and not so close, but closer than in Cali!) that helps us with everything we need/want, etc. Our families have been our saving grace since we have moved back to Ohio. I am so thankful for the love that our family has poured out to us since we have moved back.

That's a good way to start Day 1 of Being Thankful. :)

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