09 October 2011


Today was a good day. A very, very good day. In fact, my Facebook status halfway through the day said, "is having THE BEST DAY EVER. That is all. :)" Yes, it's true. We had an amazing day.

Here's a teeny back story for ya...

Makayla has been a little pistol lately. I'm talking not listening to anything we ask her to do, knocking over her sister, hitting us (throwing blows! Punches left and right!), screaming at the top of her lungs and just plain wanting her way. Now I know that most of this is typical three year old behavior, but our children should not be acting like this all the time.

Well, Adam and I put our awesome brains together and thought that she's probably watching too much tv. We try not to overdo it in the tv department, but let me just be real here for a sec. We are lazy parents. Yeah, I said it. That doesn't mean we don't try, but Adam and I like to be able to get other things done, so what's the best way to do that? Turn on the tv and let Makayla sit on the couch and veg. It's terrible, I know. And it's all changed.

Friday night, we decided that Makayla will no longer be allowed to wake up and watch tv immediately. It's not good for her growing brain. Plus then, it just makes it easier for us to ignore (I say this VERY lightly...we don't actually ignore her) her and get things taken care of.

So yesterday and today, she watched exactly zero tv. Not a minute of it. And get this...SHE WAS AMAZING BOTH DAYS. It was like a switch flipped. I'm not attributing it all to not watching television, but I know it has done us ALL good to have that stupid thing turned off. We are spending more time together and engaging with our kids more than ever. Makayla helped Daddy make breakfast yesterday morning and helped me make breakfast this morning.

Part of my amazingly awesome day was having two children that were just amazing. They are always amazing, yes. But today it was just different. Adam and I didn't get to bed until 1:30 am last night, so this morning we were both dragging and neither one of us really wanted to get up with Makayla when she came in at 7:15 am. So, she crawled into bed with us for about 15 minutes and just laid there quietly. We got to ease into the waking up...no rush. Then, we just hung out in bed, playing around, until almost 8. It was such a beautiful way to start the day.

Then, M and I came downstairs and started breakfast. We made cinnamon roll pancakes and sausage. Well, M and I just made all the ingredients and then Adam made the actual pancakes. I'm scared to do the flipping. It was an awesome morning of teamwork and just so much fun.

We headed to church after a super delicious breakfast and heard a great sermon about Jesus being radical. Yeah, super fab. We all need to live like Jesus. And not the Jesus that people tend to make up in their head...the REAL Jesus from the Bible. Okay, off my soapbox...

After church, we talked to the pastor about showing some videos on Orphan Sunday...which is November 6th. He didn't say no, either! That was amazing enough to hear. He didn't say yes, but he did say he would look into it and call us this week. I'm pretty excited to see what's going to happen with that! Our plan is to show a couple videos and then have some sponsorship packets and see if anyone wants to sponsor some beautiful children in Ethiopia. EXCITED!!! :)

We came home and ate leftover pizza for lunch. The girls ate really well...Adam made a grocery list and then he was off to get groceries while I stayed home to put the girls down for their naps. Addison went down super easy, like she always does. We had a sweet time before, which we always do. I love that kid. Makayla went down pretty easy, too. Now, if she actually slept or not...I don't know. But she didn't come barreling out of her room 3437879 times like she usually does. She stayed in her room and played quietly. Adam came home with the groceries and we both put them away together. More teamwork!

Then my mom came over to watch the girls while we went out for sushi with some friends. It was a blast! I love sushi and I love our friends...what more could you ask for? Oh and did I mention that I was wearing a dress today? And I felt great!!

We came home after that and Makayla went out immediately to play with the neighbor kids. It's pretty awesome around here. We have 15 kids in our little cul-de-sac, including our two. Pretty sweet deal! And Makayla loves them. :)

So, Adam and I had some alone time with Addison. Adam made some beef jerky and I played with Addi. And guess what?

SHE STOOD ON HER OWN!!!!! Yep, first time ever!!!! We were pretty frackin' excited about it. :D She'll be walking so soon!!! Oh and she was BEYOND happy to be standing. We would stand her up and she would just start giggling this super amazing, beautiful, adorable little giggle that just can't even be described. It was glorious.

Then, we went outside to get Makayla for bed time and as soon as she saw us, she was already running over. She was on the other side of the street and Adam and I both saw her look BOTH WAYS for cars. Yeah, that was a proud moment! Then she waited at the curb until I told her she could come over. How big is she?! So then she ran over to us and Addi was waving at her the whole time. They are so precious together now and I just LOVE seeing their relationship blossom into the beauty that it is becoming. They really love to be around each other.

Actually Adam and I were talking about our upcoming trip to Maryland to see Rusty and Janelle (WOO!) and we were talking about how M is going to Adam's mom's while we're gone and she said, 'I want Baby to come with me to Grandma's.' How sweet!!

The girls were both in bed by 7:30. Adam and I watched The Office and Community. I went upstairs to read some of my book (Reshaping It All by Candace Cameron Bure) and Adam fell asleep on the couch.

Pretty amazing day, huh? I know. I live an amazing life. And I love it.

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