03 August 2011

Fair Day!

My mom and I took the girls to the fair today. Who am I kidding? We went because we wanted the food!! :)

Our day was pretty awesome. It started to rain right before we were getting to the fair. Before we went there, we had to stop at the post office, so we had to drive through the square. Well, there was an odd flag that I saw on the right side of the street, near the Courthouse. It was from another country and I kept
looking at it and didn't understand what it was doing in my little town...So we drove through one light and we got stopped at the next light. I'm still baffled by this flag from another country and why it's here...

Then I look to my left while we're stopped at this light and THERE IS AN ETHIOPIA FLAG!!!!! In Smalltown, Ohio!!!!!

It was incredible!!! I snapped a picture with my phone and could not stop staring at it. This flood of emotions came over me and I could not stop smiling from ear to ear.

After the fair, I went back to the square and took some more pictures of it. I just couldn't get over it. And my mom and I had no idea why it was there! As we drove through the square, there were tons of other flags from tons of other countries, as well. I just looked it up online and there is an International Fest on August 27th. Isn't that so rad?

It stopped raining as soon as we got to the fair, which is also pretty rad. We got some lemonade and fries for our first course. :) We walked around and then got italian sausage sandwich (me) and gyro (Mom).

We walked around some more and went into the big fair building, walked around there and saw an adoption booth!! Mom bought me a shirt. SO cool.

I wanted to try deep fried pickles, so we stood in line and there was an older couple in front of us that we started talking to. The lady told us that deep fried pickles are the best thing ever! We told them we had never had them before so when the man got his, he offered us one! So rad! It was a quartered pickle, so instead of paying $4 to get a ton of deep fried pickles, I got a slice of one for free and that's all I wanted anyway. I just wanted to try it, so I saved $4! :)

Mom got to meet some people that go to our church, including the woman that donated $200 to our adoption AND is donating the money from her father's passing to our adoption!!

We also got cotton candy and funnel cake to take home and it started raining as we were walking out. Pretty perfect day, I say.

It's kind of awesome that my girls are attending the very same fair that I went to every year while I was growing up. So. much. fun.

Here are some pictures from our day. It's hard for me to juggle the camera and make sure M isn't running off and juggle my fries and lemonade, too! HA! So, there aren't too many, but I got some gems. :)

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