24 August 2011


Makayla and I have been all about the crafty time this week. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I've been pretty proud of myself! We have done something awesome every day. And I love it!!

On Sunday, we made Chex Mix and Puppy Chow together.

Making the Chex Mix!

Little sneaker! :)

End result.

Puppy Chow!
The Chex Mix does not taste like the store bought stuff. I think next time I'm going to bake it in the oven. The directions said to microwave it and some of the pieces got burnt and I don't think the liquid got on everything. So maybe that will help. The Puppy Chow is delicious, but seriously, can you go wrong with peanut butter, chocolate and powdered sugar? Um, no. I even had to 'make' chocolate because we didn't have any chocolate chips!

That night, I made my own dishwashing detergent and laundry detergent! I've been using the dishwashing detergent and I have to say that I am not impressed. It seems to leave this film on all my dishes and I am just not a fan of that. Maybe I did something wrong? I dunno.

The laundry detergent is pretty awesome and super easy to make! Here's a picture of mine: 

I know it looks like grated cheese! HA!

I also bought a fancy container to put it in.
Plus this laundry detergent is SO cheap! And it really works!!

On Monday, Makayla painted a bird house that I bought for her for $1 at Jo-Ann's. She had a blast!!

Yep, we rock it naked to paint. She has undies on. I just don't want her to ruin her clothes! I, in fact, wear clothes while I paint.

Gettin' in the groove.

Paint, paint, paint!

The finished product! She did a great job!!

And one of the colorful sides. These pictures don't do it justice!
She got a nice bath after our painting extravaganza because at the end, she started painting herself. HA!
Tuesday, we painted clothespins. Makayla loved it, too! She adores painting and asks every day to paint now. HAHA! We got another bath after this paint time, too. She kind of loves to paint herself. :)

Such fab colors!

She did a great job!

So you'll have to wait and see what these are for. :) I'm hoping it can get hung up tonight and I'll have pictures tomorrow! She also painted a few more of them today since she didn't finish them all yesterday.

Also, this morning, we made play dough!! Makayla didn't like it as much as I thought she would. We've had store bought play doh before and she really loved it. I guess the home made stuff isn't as cool? Oh well. Adam and I will play with it. HAHAHA!!

Pretty purple play dough!

 I also made this super awesome Menu Planner. I'm pretty proud of it. It's kind of my fave and I can't wait to start planning our meals!! It was super easy to make and I totally did it during the girls' nap time. So fun!!

Pretty rad, hey??
Just another angle.
I'm going to have Adam hang it when he gets home. He's the master hanger in the house. :)

UPDATE: I switched out a picture for this! It's perfect! Right next to some cabinets. Best place ever!! :)

Oh and sometime last week (Saturday maybe?), I used this canvas bag and covered up some stuff with some scrap fabric. I like how it turned out.

I also covered up the lettering with a scrap of fabric, but I guess I didn't take a picture of the finished product. Anyway, I like it. :)

I think that brings us up to today. Who knows what tomorrow will have in store for us? We love crafty time!!

UPDATE: Makayla and I also made cupcakes today! I know, dude, I am SO on a roll with this awesome mom thing!! ;)

Some more pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Some stirring action.

Got her to (kinda?) look at me.

Pouring them in!!

We made a big mess and had so much fun!!

More pouring. :)

I know it's blurry, but here is the aftermath! Tasting them!!!

HA! I'm not sure what this face is about!

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