19 May 2011

Days Like Today.

On Tuesday, I had my physical for our adoption. I had to get blood work done and get a TB test, too. It was all routine stuff to make sure I'm not going to die next week or anything. Today I had to go back to get my TB test read. No worries, I do not have TB.

After that, I had the bright idea that I would get some more adoption paperwork stuff done. I think that's where I went wrong for the day. I planned to go to the girls' pediatrician's office and then to get some copies made. Before I left the house, I was searching FRANTICALLY for our flash drive. I knew I put it somewhere and that somewhere was obviously so I wouldn't forget where I put it. Well, I couldn't find it, so I packed up my laptop and decided I'd just go buy another one. Whatever, they're cheap.

I end up calling Adam to see if he knows where it is. Well, by that point, I'm already halfway to the store and he tells me where it is. I decided to save the $15 and turn around to get ours at home. Then, I'm frustrated because I had to turn around.

Still trying to be productive, I decide to call around to find out where I can get our power of attorney and dossier cover sheet county certified. HAHAHAHA!! That's funny, Lindsey. I call the courthouse in the next town over, ask them if they do county certification. Their response? 'What?' So, I explain to them that we are adopting from Ethiopia and we have two documents that must be county certified. She gives me the number of another court office in the same town. I call that number immediately (since I was driving and didn't want to forget the number), tell her what I need. Her response? 'What?' So, I explain to her that we are adopting from Ethiopia and we have two documents that must be county certified. She says I have the wrong office, so she forwards me on to someone else. Getting ridiculous yet? It's not over.

I'm on the phone with Girl #3 in Probate Court and I ask her if they do county certification. Her response? 'What?' (Not even kidding.) I explain to her the same thing I explained to the other two and FINALLY she tells me that there is someone that does know what I need! But! She's at lunch. HAR HAR. Of course she is. So, she gives me her number and I write it down while driving. I know, dangerous, but I had no choice. I could NOT forget that number.

This afternoon while the girls were napping, I finally get around to calling this lady. I ask her if they do county certification in her office. Her response? 'What?' It's just funny now, isn't it? And I'm seriously serious. So, I explain to her that we are adopting from Ethiopia and we have two papers that we have to get county certified before they get state certified. UGH.

So, she tells me that she has to forward me to the Records department. HA! She does. And? Yep, you guessed it. They had no idea what I was talking about. Expect this broad was RUDE and acted like I was the idiot. I tell her I have two documents that need to get county certified and she says, 'Oh, you need to get a notary. We don't do that in this office.' So, I politely say, 'No. I need to get it notarized AND THEN I need to get it county certified AND THEN I need to get it state certified.' And again she tells me, 'Yep. You need to go see a notary. That's what you need for that.' So I say AGAIN, 'No. I need to get it notarized first and after it's notarized, I have to get it county certified.' And she says, 'Well, I think you need to talk to someone else. Let me forward you over there.' Anything to get off the phone with you, rude lady!!

And on the SIXTH person, I finally get around to talking to someone who actually knows what's going on. I ask her if they do county certification and she says, 'What?' It ends well this time, though. HA! I explain our situation to her (AGAIN!!) and finally she tells me that YES, they do that there! Praise the Lord!! Someone actually does it in my county!!!! She told me they call it something else (can't remember what, but I did write it down {somewhere!}) and then she tells me it costs $5 per certification and that I just need to call ahead of time before I come in. So, I get her phone number (since I was forwarded to her by Rudest Lady of America) and find out exactly where their office is and I'm golden! So, once we get our two papers notarized, I'm going right over there!! Whew!

What a process, right?! I'm just glad I was smart enough to try to figure out where it was now and not wait until the last minute. Ugh, what a pain that was.

And before all that afternoon biz went down, I went to the girls' pediatrician's office to get their last physical paperwork (for our home study) and they printed that up nice and easy. I also dropped off Makayla's preschool paperwork for the doctor to sign. It just says that she's up to date on all her shots, etc., etc. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

After that, I went to get some copies of stuff made at Office Max (birth certificates for our home study, passports, non-employment letter and medical insurance). Of course, they can't make copies of passports, so I just did it myself. Only to realize that Adam and I didn't sign them! What a doofus! And instead of just getting one copy for now, I made 5. And wasted $4. Yeah, go me. I'm still pissed at myself about it, but whatever. So, my mom had to shred those waste of money for me. UGH. And after that, I didn't even copy our birth certificates. I figured I'll just do it at home. HA! So, I come home to the printer that Adam says is working to print this stuff out and guess what? It doesn't work! HA!

At this point, it's just comical. But, at least I got something done, right?

At some point during this post, I stopped for us to all eat dinner and Adam was trying to get the printer to start working. During that time, Makayla shoved a toy in Addison's mouth and knocked her over backwards. And she also tried to ride her sister like a horse. Yeah, it's been a fun day.

P.S. I also went back to the pediatrician's office to get the paper for M's preschool and I realized there was another thing for the girls' physicals that I needed to get signed by her, so I took that along, too. And guess what? She signed it right then and there!! How rad! So, I guess today wasn't all bad. ;)


Melissa said...

Haha! It only gets better from here. Keep your sense of humor and keep plowing through- there's a precious treasure waiting for you at the end of the madness!

Eclipsed said...

Wow that sounds like a crazy day of paper pushing. Glad you got the answers you were looking for.

Jodes and Boz said...

Ah paper chasing... i do NOT miss that. LOL!! Granted, it wasn't that long ago that i was in your shoes (DTE 11/4/10). I swear the easiest thing can become the BIGGEST headache!! Keep that sense of humor and keep pushing through! If you ever need anything I'm here for ya as well as our amazing Yahoo Group ~ they saved me a number of times!! :-)


Brandi Elam said...

Hey! Just checking in after being MIA for a while since my baby's birth. I had no idea you were adopting. Sounds like a lot of work but I am positive it will be worth it. I'll be praying for you!