08 November 2010

A Little About Me...

•Do you work or stay at home?
I stay at home with my two amazing daughters. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I love knowing that I am the one in charge of teaching them life lessons and raising them to be two of the greatest people I know.

•What is your favorite thing to do with your kids?
I love just playing with them...all the time, anytime. We really love to read together and sing songs...Makayla's favorite song is Mary Had A Little Lamb. We also love to throw and kick balls outside.

•What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?
I don't sugarcoat things. I will tell you how it is. I try not to hurt people's feelings, but if you need to know something, you need to know. And most likely, I talk about you behind your back. Sorry.

•What is the most annoying question you have been asked about your kids?
I'm not sure there is any 'most annoying' question, per se, but any time someone questions my judgement with one of my girls, it pisses me off. Like when someone tells me Addison is hungry, I hate that. I know when she ate last and I know when she needs to eat again. Let me do my job and you can do yours, kaithanxbai.

•Do you have insecurities about being a mom?
Absolutely! Who doesn't? Before Addison was born, I was terrified that I was not going to be able to handle having two kids. But now I'm a pro. HA! Seriously though, I'm constantly afraid that I'm doing something wrong...M isn't eating enough fruits and veggies, Addi isn't pooping enough...etc., etc.

•What do you do when you get overwhelmed?
Talk to Adam, step out of the room, go to Target.

•What's been the most challenging time in your life?
I think the most challenging time in my life would have to have been Basic Training. I loved every second of it, but man was it hard! I would never change anything about it, though, and if I could, I'd do it all over again.

•What is your favorite comfort food?
Pretty much any junk food you can think of. I can thank my mom for that one! ;)

•What is your self admitted most annoying habit?
Getting pissed off for no good reason.

•What would a perfect day look like?
Well, for starters, I'd wake up at 9am, having not gotten up at all the night before. Adam got me a cinnamon crunch bagel with hazelnut cream cheese from Panera with a Dr. Pepper for breakfast. I'd eat it without having any children running around or crying, needing the boob...and then I would get to blog and surf the internet for a couple hours (it's time consuming!). After that, I would hang out with my family for the rest of the day, but nothing would go wrong...no potty accidents, Adam would change every diaper and clean up after every meal and we'd get to enjoy each other. No fighting between anyone. Sounds great, huh?

If there's anything else you'd like to know about me, comment on this post and I'll answer your questions!


Kingston girl said...

Love your blog. :) Following you back!

Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

Love it! It's so refreshing to hear that you are open and honest with people. I get so sick of the fake nice BS! You go girl!

I'm with ya on the perfect day. If I could eat just one meal and actually taste every bite of it, that would be magical!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Jessica - Mom of all Trades said...

You have a beautiful family! Thanks for following me at Mom of all Trades! I'm following you back.