06 October 2010

Been A Long Time!

So sorry I haven't posted since we got to Ohio! I've been really busy...hanging out with my mom, visiting my dad for the day, trying to find a place to live, moving into a temporary apartment for the month. It's been insane around here! I am SO happy to be back in my hometown. It will always be home.

To start, the girls were AMAZING during the flights to Ohio!!! Makayla was so great and so was Addison. Makayla took a short little nap on Adam's leg during the second plane ride and she was so sweet! Addison did wonderfully! I had her in the Baby Bjorn for most of our trip and she was all smiles and just the sweetest thing ever! Hopefully I'll have pictures up later, but my camera cord is in Makayla's room and she's sleeping right now. :)

The first night we got here, things were a little hectic. We stayed in a hotel for the first night because Adam's company paid for it. But, we went to my mom's the next night because it was too much for me to handle. Here's what happened:

We got in around 6:15pm, which is 3:15pm California time, and we are all rather tired from such a long day of travelling. We hadn't eaten dinner yet so my mom went to Wendy's and picked us up some food. Addison was pretty much at her breaking point by this time, with her schedule thrown out the window for the day and her being super tired, so I was trying to feed her and keep her calm while Adam fed M. I knew that once we were all done eating, all bets were off. Addi had to go to bed and we only had one tiny little room (no suite), so we all had to go to bed right away. Yeah, not so much. I put Addi down and she cried for about 40 minutes before finally falling asleep. I think she was just way overtired. Makayla on the other hand? She was a handful. I thought it'd be a good idea to let her sleep in the big bed with me (there were two beds) while Adam slept in the other bed. At first she was really good and being super cute. She always talks to herself in her crib at night before falling asleep, so it was no biggie. She kept getting louder and then she wanted Daddy to sleep with her and not me and then both of us and then she was starting to yell and things got really out of hand. Adam decided to take her out of the room and spank her. Then he asked her if she was going to go to sleep. She said no. Spank. Lather, rinse, repeat three times over. Finally, he asked her and she just started walking back to the room. After that? Not. a. peep. She slept the rest of the night. :)

It was hard for me, but I guess that's how it always is, isn't it? It's always harder for the mama to go through that stuff than the kid, in my opinion.

In other news! Addi rolled over from back to front on 28Sept! She's so big, I can't believe it! Although she hasn't done it since, she is such a mover and a shaker. Anytime she is on her playmat, she will flip 180 degrees around (not roll). It's so funny! She's still a mega drooler and I really think some teeth are going to get here soon(ish). Makayla didn't get her first tooth until she was 11 months old, but hey, not every kid is the same, right? Addison is such a good baby.

Both my girls have been so great during this whole process. We stayed at Nana's (my mom) for a week, now we're in an apartment for a month. And today we went to look at a rental home and I was talking to my mom about which room would be which for the girls and later when Adam came to the house, Makayla told him which room was her and which was Addi's. HA! Then before we left, she came up to me and said, "Mommy, let's go play in my room!" I love that kid. But, both of them have been SO fluid...sleeping in so many strange places, moving around, etc. Makayla just thinks we have all kinds of houses, I guess. :D Also, Addison is sleeping in the walk in closet in the apartment right now. I swear it's not cruel. She's totally warm and toasty and I keep the door open and I'm right there in the same room. I felt bad at first, but it's perfect. Her Pack N Play fits great in there and it's at the back of the apartment, so noise doesn't travel from my loud 2 year and 9 month old. How is she 2 years and 9 months old already?!

Since we've been here, we've looked at land in a town called Norton, went to Wayne Homes to look at models of the home we'd like to build here and moved approximately 438537 times. Like I said, we've been busy!

Also, I have been setting up some sample stuff to review on my blog!! I'm REALLY excited about it and you should be, too! I'm hoping to get some giveaways before too long, but we'll see how it goes after this. So far, I've got seven things coming my way to review for you lovelies. I'm still waiting to hear back from some companies, but see? I've been busy doing that, too! :)

A few other things before I hit the hay:
My living room looks like a Barbie land mine. I'm okay with that.
When we were staying at my mom's house, I went to brush M's teeth one night and she busted out with, "I watched two Doras." with her hand over her mouth. I was like, "What?" and she repeated it, like it was a little crime. HA! It was so cute, I was just totally confused, but I guess she felt like she needed to come clean.
Also, my mom got a toilet put in in the basement before we came in since M is still pretty bad about telling us that she needs to use the potty NOW and she might already be peeing or have peed, so watch out! And her house only has one bathroom on the main floor. Anyway, one of the first days we were there, I had to take her to the basement to pee and from then on, she would say, "I want to go outside and go potty." I love how little kids' brains work!!!

In summary, things are great. We're trying to get settled. We really hope we get this house that we looked at today, but we know it's in God's Hands. He might have something better for us, but was beautiful and it would be really great knowing that we have a 3 bedroom house for a year, until we can build our dream home. My daughters are much more resilient than I could have ever imagined and I don't give them enough credit. I love being back home. :D

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