08 August 2010



We've been super busy these past couple weeks. Adam's mom and younger brother and sister were out here for a week and the day they left (last Saturday), my dad flew in! And then he just left yesterday! Plus, we've got Adam's dad and stepmom coming in later this week, too!

On top of all that, we're moving!! Yes, it's true. We don't know where just yet, but that's another story for another day (or not at all). Either Ohio or Virginia and hopefully by the end of this coming week, we'll know where we're going for sure. I am SO excited to be getting closer to family! It's been a long time coming leaving this place. And Adam said it best this morning, "We have no family here and we might as well have no friends, too. No one invites us anywhere and when we invite people places, they can't come or are too busy or don't want to." Yeah, it's true and it's getting old.

Wherever we end up moving, we'll be able to start fresh. And it will be wonderful. I really am going to miss our friends that we do have here, though. It will be bittersweet, but I know this move will be good for us.

Anyway, on top of having family out here constantly and having a new baby (who is almost 7 weeks old!!), we're planning a big move. And we don't know where to! HA! We'll be driving across the country, too. That should be fun! (Enter sarcasm here.)

Since we're moving so very, very soon, we are trying to get together with everyone one last time. We've been making dinner plans with everyone we want to see before we go and trying to hang out with everyone in between. My brain is just racing with all kinds of information.

Where will we live? How often will we get to see family if we move to Virginia? What if the Ohio job doesn't call us back? Will I go back to work? Will I go back to school? Can we afford to live in Ohio? I need to plan our cross country trip and schedule all the stops along the way. I need to find a moving company.

There's other stuff floating around in there too, but every time I go to write it all down, it runs away.

For now, we wait.


Mama said...

Wow! A lot to think about...and to do...I know it is stressful. Take a deep breath...and one step at a time. You will get there. You are super organized, remember??!!
Love you bunches,

the Shipe's said...

it's funny what you say about feeling like you dont have friends there. We were feeling that way kinda when we left. Plus with the military, friends come in & out of your life so easily & quickly. I hope this move is good for you guys.