21 April 2010

San Diego!

As most of you know, we left on Thursday afternoon to head down to San Diego to visit Brian, Ron and Lisa. Makayla and I got all packed up the day before and that morning and then we headed to Vallejo to pick up Adam at work. He got a ride so he didn't have to leave his car there. We left around 11:30am and got to San Diego around 8:30ish that night. Makayla did REALLY well the whole car ride there. We had her in her undies almost the whole trip (except for her nap time) and she had no accidents at all!!! We were so proud! Once we got there, Brian came to say hey and then we got set up in the hotel, put M to bed and we crashed soon after that.

Friday morning we got up, ate breakfast in the hotel since it's free and then got ready to head to Oceanside! Oceanside is about a 40 minute drive from SD and my friend, Tracy, from high school is stationed at Camp Pendleton with her husband. Well, her husband is in the Marines, she's not. :) Anyway, we went to lunch with her at this place called Cabo Grill...it was really good and the kids were mostly good the whole time. ;) She has a 10 month old and he is the cutest thing ever!! After we went to lunch, we walked to the beach since it's like two seconds away. Makayla LOVED the water! Adam took her to the edge and at first she wasn't such a big fan. She kept saying, "All done water. Stay right there water." and sticking her hand out like she could stop it. HA!

But then, Adam took her in a little further and she couldn't get enough! She kept wanting to go back in every time we tried to take her back to the sand. Her entire outfit was soaked, her undies were soaked and we didn't have another pair, so she got a Pull-Up, which is totally fine with me. We're on vacation!! After that excursion, we walked around, got some Cold Stone and I was hoping M would fall asleep in the stroller, but she totally didn't, so we said goodbye to Tracy and got in the car to head to our dinner reservations. Makayla fell asleep within minutes of getting into her car seat. By this time it was 4pm, which is two hours past her nap time, so I knew she was tired. :D She slept until 5:30 and the only reason I woke her was because, like I said, we had dinner reservations.

We went to this place called Stone Brewery in San Marco. Brian has been raving about it for forever and this was our first time going. It was pretty good food, but M wouldn't stay in her booster seat and kept climbing all over everyone and throwing things at Lisa, so Adam took her for a little walk while we were there. And then I ended up going to the car before everyone was done so that she could 'turn the wheel'. She loves to drive. HAHA! Then she totally pooped twice. Oh yeah, I should mention we had her potty seat in the back the entire time we were gone, which is good since she started refusing to use public potties!! I mean I don't blame her, but come on, girl! So we got her and the potty all cleaned up and headed back to the hotel. M got a bath and went to bed. I stayed in the hotel and watched Leap Year. I totally fell asleep before it was over because I got way sunburned and was beat from all the walking we did the whole day. Adam went to watch Kick Ass with everyone in the theaters.

Saturday, we ate breakfast in the hotel again and then got ready for the day. Brian got me a pregnancy massage for my birthday, so before that, we went to Balboa Park and took Makayla to this awesome kid park. She loved it!! Although she kept getting sand in her shoes, so she wanted to sit down every two minutes to get it out. HAHA! I went to my massage at 12:30pm and the guys and M went to the zoo. Brian actually drove around the whole time looking for a spot (I guess it was pretty packed?), but Adam and M had fun seeing some animals, so that's good. And I got to lay down and relax for 90 whole minutes! It was awesome!! The lady also taught me some really good stretches to do since my hip has been hurting me a lot. After that, Adam took M to the hotel for her nap and Brian and I went to lunch at some Mediterranean place. It was really good. We went back to the hotel, got them and went to Coronado Island. It was nice, but once we got there to walk around, it was freezing!! After that, we went home and it was time for M to go to bed. Adam went out with everyone and I stayed in and watched It's Complicated. I fell asleep again before it was over. Oh well!

And on Sunday, we got ready, ate breakfast at the hotel and were on our way. We stopped in Oceanside to say bye to Ron and Lisa. We were on the road from there by noon and we got home at around 9:30 that night. Not too bad, considering Makayla kept telling us she had to poop when she really didn't, so we stopped a lot more often. I only drove the last 2 1/2 hours, but Adam got a good nap and then when we got home, he unpacked everything, so I didn't even have to worry about it! He's so wonderful.

So since we got home, we've just been relaxing at the house. It was a whirlwind weekend, but a lot of fun! I love SoCal. The weather is so nice and there's so much to do there!! Today we went to Vallejo to see Adam before he left to go back down there for a DnD adventure. His brother is flying from Virginia and all the guys are going to hang out. He won't be back til Sunday. For sad. So it's just me and M. I've been trying to schedule stuff to do so that I don't go nuts and M and I can get out of the house. Tomorrow we are going to my friend Debbie's house in the morning. And Friday night, we're going to Olive Garden with a bunch of the girls! Should be fun!!

I've also got a lot of stuff to do around the house...laundry and dishes (duh) and I bought some organizer things for Addison's closet at the Dollar Tree yesterday, so now I need to fill them up! :)

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Mama said...

Sounds like you all had an awesome time! Glad for you! Love ya, Mama.