18 February 2010


I haven't written in a few days and I've been trying to get better about that, but yeah, I've failed. Oh well. It can only get better from here, right? :)
So on Tuesday, I had a baby doctor appointment. Everything is fine. The heartbeat was between 130-150, which is perfect. Also, I only gained 1 lb. this past month!! YES!! That puts me at 9 lbs. total so far, which is AWESOME, since I have 18 weeks left and with M, I gained 46 lbs. total. I'm totally pumped. :)

We had a pretty fun weekend, too. On Saturday, Adam and I took Makayla to Build-A-Bear in the mall for her V-Day present from us. She had a blast! We went in there and she picked out a monkey to make and she loves that guy! She also picked out an outfit for him. He's got a white shirt and jean shorts with a pair of guitar shoes. HA! He's a total rocker. After that, we went on the carousel in the mall for the first time ever!! She loved it!! Adam took her on and I took pictures. She was so cute.

Since Sunday was V-Day, we didn't do that much during the day...the usual, church and then lunch, then come home for M's nap. That night we had some AMAZING babysitters that watched M so we could go to dinner together. We went to the Vintage Cafe. It was really nice. And after that, we went to a bonfire at Zack's house and I got to be a human for a while! It was a really great evening. There are so many times where I feel like I'm just a mom and there is so much more to me than that, but I have forgotten it because I'm so used to just being a mom. And there is nothing wrong with that, because I LOVE being a mom, but sometimes I need to know that I can have a life, too. And I totally did on Sunday! It was really wonderful.

On Monday Adam had off for President's Day, so we went to lunch at Panera with Josh and Brenna and then we went to the park since it was an AMAZING day outside. It felt like summer! Makayla also slept in until 9:45, which was awesome!! She napped after that and Brenna and I went for a nice walk. That night, we were sitting on the couch and Adam got to feel the baby for the first time!! It was totally awesome. He wasn't here at this point in my pregnancy with Makayla, so it's really special this time around. :) And then that night, she kicked me so hard, she woke me up. I think it's because I was having a bad dream and she wanted to save me. :D

Other than that, we haven't been up to too much this week. I have some cute things Makayla has been doing to share with you guys, though. So here goes:

We went for a walk a couple weeks ago and we normally take her in her wagon and she loves it! But eventually she wants to get out and walk or she wants to pull her wagon behind her. On this particular day she wanted to pull the wagon and it's rather big, so it can be quite an event. Anyway, we were going past this bush and there was a branch sticking out and Makayla turned around and said, 'cuse you, leaf!' and then she kept walking by and said, 'bye, leaf!' It was ADORABLE!!!

She constantly thanks me all day long. For nothing. It's so sweet, though. She'll walk around saying, 'Thank you, Mommy.' I love it.

On another night she was running around the living room in big circles. Adam and I were cracking up at her! She is so freaking funny!!

On Dora they have this dance and song at the end of each show where they sing 'we did it' and move their arms back and forth. It's hard to explain, but anyway, Makayla does it and she says, 'I did it. I did it.' over and over again. Then when she wants us to do it, she says, 'Mommy do it. Daddy do it.' Precious.

She is also really good at knowing her possessions. Like she'll point to one of my magazines and say, 'Mommy book.' and point to Adam's book and say, 'Daddy book.' and she points to her socks (or whatever else) and says, 'Kayla sock.' My child is a genius, I swear.

She can count from 1-10 on most days. :)

She says, 'I like it!' while shaking her head no, meaning she doesn't really like it. She just forgets to say the don't part.

Lately when she is intently doing something and Adam walks by or near her, she'll stop, put her hand up, look at him, shake her head and say, 'I fine, Daddy. I fine.' I guess she doesn't want him bothering her. HA!

On Monday night, after Adam gave her a bath, he brought her into our room and said, 'Tell Mommy what you did.' so she says, 'I sittin' in the tub...' and I say, 'What happened, Makayla?' and she babbles for a little while and then she goes, 'I take a poop.' Not even kidding! It was clear as day and so hilarious!! I was cracking up for the rest of the night!! So Adam is cleaning out the tub and we were playing in the extra bedroom and Makayla proceeds to pee on the side of the bed and on the floor. Oh man, it was a hilarious night!!

I'm pretty sure my kid cannot get any more awesome. :D


Melinda Lillis said...

Awww Love all of the fun updates about Makayla :) Sounds like you had a great Valentine's Day as well:)

the Shipe's said...

haha that is sooo funny! She sounds so cute! "scuse me leaf"! haha I'll be laughing about that one for a LONG time! haha