24 February 2010

Potty Training

This Monday we started officially potty training Makayla. It's been a rough week, but we have had one success, so there's still hope! :D So here is what we've been doing, in a nutshell.

Day 1-no success, put her on every hour
Day 2-again no success, but still put her on every hour
Day 3-SUCCESS!!! She peed on the potty at 10:30am!! It wasn't much, but totally exciting and definitely made it worth it for me!! :D
Day 4-no success, put her on every hour with much screaming beforehand
Day 5-no success and I kinda slacked today. She screamed even harder than yesterday and it wasn't worth it to me to push her so hard every hour. I put her on about 4 times today and the last time, I finally realized that if we did puzzles while she sat there, then she would actually sit. She didn't even scream once I mentioned the puzzles.

Adam and I have discussed bribery if she keeps screaming beforehand. Adam also suggested that we only let her do her puzzles while on the potty. She sits there SO well and for a long time. I really don't want to resort to candy or anything like that, but I guess I won't rule it out. :)

Other than potty training, I got up at 7am this morning and felt great for almost the entire day! I cleaned two of our bathrooms, took a shower, ate breakfast and finished reading my magazine all before M got up at 9am! It was a GREAT way to start the day!! We then went to Target with our neighbor/friend, Heather, and her two kids, which was fun. We came home, had lunch, watched some Dora and I read some of my book. Then during nap time, I read some more and I'm almost done with the Sookie Stackhouse novels. They're pretty good, but I'm definitely glad I didn't purchase them. I won't be reading them again. It was a pretty productive day, though my floors are still pretty dirty. Hopefully I can con Adam into cleaning them this weekend.

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