06 October 2009

It's Been A While

Surprise, surprise, I've been busy and haven't updated everyone on what's going on around here. :) I have a few cute stories I wanted to share with you guys.

Just a little while ago, we bought Makayla a booster seat so she doesn't sit in her high chair anymore and she can sit at the table with us. She loves it! It's much easier to feed her and we can all hang out together. So anyway, Adam and I always pray before we eat and we hold hands when we do. M always sees us do that and a few weeks ago she started reaching out her hands for us to hold hers! It's so cute! And then she'll bow her head while Adam prays. She also really likes to do this in the middle of our meals, too, so Adam just prays again. :)

Another thing she does is, she wants us to mimic her. So she'll put her hands behind her back and then she'll point at each of us until we put our hands behind our backs. She puts them behind her head, on her face, on the chair, in her hair, taps the table, etc. and she will keep pointing at us until we do whatever she is doing. Adam said it's like she needs the mental image of all of us doing it at the same time or something. HA!

Also on October 5th, Makayla was having a hard time going to bed, so after about an hour I went in there because she was crying so hard. (No, I didn't make her cry for the entire hour, she just started screaming so I went in there.) I picked her up and rocked her, which I haven't done in a while, so it was nice little treat for me. She was so sweet and stopped crying right away. I love her. She seemed like she was going to fall asleep a few times, so I just kept rocking her, but she never did. Her eyes would droop and then she'd realize what was happening and wake up again.

I probably held her for like half an hour and she started putting her hand in my mouth and playing around. She was laughing so hard! We did that for a while and then I put her down and she went right to sleep. Guess she just needed some more Mommy time before going to bed. That's totally cool with me!

So let's see...what else has been going on?? We are all going home for Christmas, so I'm totally excited for that! That will also mean this semester is over, so I'm looking forward to that, too! Been staying busy with school work, Adam is working a lot and some days it seems like he is never home because of all the extra things we do, but he's committed and I love that about him. The house probably isn't as clean as it should be, but I've been chilling out when I'm not doing homework. I've been reading a TON lately. Trying to get all my books read.

That's all for now.

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