22 September 2009

Flour Fun

There are a lot of days where I feel like I don't teach Makayla adequately enough. Hence, one of the many reasons we bought Your Baby Can Read. But, I haven't been keeping on top of that lately, what with all the homework I have to do around here.

So today, I decided to bust out some flour and water and watch what happened. Makayla REALLY enjoyed playing with the flour. I added water to it and she hated that crap! Would. not. touch. it. She also got really pissed when either substance touched her foot. Every time there was flour or flour/water on her foot, she would come up to me, hold up her foot and yell 'foot! foot! foot!' until I got it off for her.

We tried something new today and it didn't work out. I'm kind of glad though because that flour/water junk? REALLY sticky.


Anonymous said...

So what made you choose flour and water?? All I can think of is "gooey mess"!!! Bet it was funny, though!! How about chocolate pudding painting next time?? love you!!

Elissa said...

That sounds like fun except for the clean up! I like using cheap art supplies that you can get in the dollar section at Target and just let Shyla go to town! She loves playing with the sqiggly eyes and glittery pom poms! Just add some paper and a glue stick and its crazy art time!

the Shipe's said...

hey, so if she doesn't like messy she might not like this, but this was my fav with the kids (after plain sand & plain water) ooblick, which is cornstarch & water. It has to be the right proportions, but it is runny when in your hands, but if you keep it moving or try to poke your finger into it, it's hard. Does that make sense? lol. Also kids love colored water & colored bubbly water. I'm happy that you guys are having much fun!